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Thomas Hammer coffee

!One block south from our condo is a cute drive through coffee shop that sells Thomas Hammer Coffee.  I love it!  We have a Starbucks right next door BUT I am enjoying giving my business to this little store.  My drinks here are only 2 dollors or 3 depending on the time of day.  I love my happy green cup that I bought for their coffee.  The shop is LEAN BEAN.  So yummy.I Continue reading


My first blog post

I love reading my 3 children’s blog posts. They are young adults with busy lives. I am retired yet still stay very busy. I need to post today as my son helped me set up this blog for me on Saturday, and I want to let my children know I now have a blog. My youngest daughter Joy is overseas for college. She wants me to have a blog. I love reading hers, I hope when I learn how to do this, she will love reading mine. My husband is home today as it is Presidents day. A holiday here in the USA. He has been using my computer to finish setting up my new IPAD. The Laundry is almost done. I am then going to Costco to pick up my prescriptions and some food. I am taking my husband out to lunch later today. (It will be on my budget). Any way, here is my first post. Next time I will say something useful! 😉

Hello world!

I guess this is it!  I have entered the life of blogging.  I love to scrapbook and keep my stories in writing or pictures.  My memories are mine yet they involve many.  I hope this will keep our adult children a view of our life. 

Some one needs to choose a word that defines children who are adults!!!  I will be thinking about this.  So many new words have entered the english language to keep up with changing culture.  (Who ever thought of blog, google, etc… when I was young.)  I will see what I can do to coin a new phrase! 

Enjoy.  debbie