My first blog post

I love reading my 3 children’s blog posts. They are young adults with busy lives. I am retired yet still stay very busy. I need to post today as my son helped me set up this blog for me on Saturday, and I want to let my children know I now have a blog. My youngest daughter Joy is overseas for college. She wants me to have a blog. I love reading hers, I hope when I learn how to do this, she will love reading mine. My husband is home today as it is Presidents day. A holiday here in the USA. He has been using my computer to finish setting up my new IPAD. The Laundry is almost done. I am then going to Costco to pick up my prescriptions and some food. I am taking my husband out to lunch later today. (It will be on my budget). Any way, here is my first post. Next time I will say something useful! 😉


5 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. Now we only need the other parent to get with it! C’mon dad!

    Blogging is quite fun. I think the secret is to always write about something that interests you, and then try to make it interesting for everyone else.

    But I am pumped to read your blog mommy!

  2. It was only a year ago that one of my kids, I think the youngest one, was amazed–in wonder–that I would have a blog. I actually do have a blog with one post! Still just one. It was about the snow princess–that is Ginger as a puppy.

    My posts might be something like this….. I went to work today. Worked 12 hours. Really busy……

    I would like to share some of the many design principles I have learned. I am not sure how interesting it would be.

    For instance. Here is a tip. At my work, a watched pot is the only kind that boils!!

    • Well…it was quite shocking. But I love blogging and I am pumped that mommy has taken it up. Hopefully as a lasting hobby. =D

      And as far as your so called “blog”, I think it has to have more than one entry to be considered a blog. Otherwise it is just a post.

      And my advice on blogging (not that I have that much experience) is that it is easier to have a schedule for blogging to keep you blogging regularly. I am doing the post a week 2011 which has really gotten me into a rhythm of blogging and also expanded my reader base. So try to post something that interests you at least once a week and it will get easier. You will start looking at interesting things that happen and think: “I could write about that on my blog!”

      And Daddy…you don’t have to write about work. You can write about anything that interests you. ANYTHING. I do the same thing every day and I don’t just write “Today I went to school” on my blog. I try to thing of TOPICS that interest me and write about them. You could write about….ancient mexican history or something. Or write about good books that you have read…the possibilities are endless.

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