Thomas Hammer coffee

!One block south from our condo is a cute drive through coffee shop that sells Thomas Hammer Coffee.  I love it!  We have a Starbucks right next door BUT I am enjoying giving my business to this little store.  My drinks here are only 2 dollors or 3 depending on the time of day.  I love my happy green cup that I bought for their coffee.  The shop is LEAN BEAN.  So yummy.I

I have downloaded my first picture!!!   I have discovered Thomas Hammer coffee (through my friend Mary).  In a drive through coffee shop a block south of our Condo, Lean Bean, makes Thomas Hammer coffee.  It is so yummy!  It is also much cheaper than the S.B. that is next door to us.  I can get my skinny vanilla Latte’s for $2 to $ 2.75 depending on the time of the day.  Its flavor is yummy.  I also LOVE to drink from my new happy green cup!


3 thoughts on “Thomas Hammer coffee

  1. Get the skinny lattes!!!

    When I was in high school every time I went to the mall I would go to Thomas Hammer coffee and pay 25 cents to get some coffee beans. It was like a gum ball machine. You could turn the knob and get four or five beans. I figured out a way to turn it several times and get many more beans!

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