Your Daddy’s Newest Purchase:

It is not a computer, smart phone, or IPAD. (He did get me one of those for Valentines!).  No new geeky toy that he needed.  It is a georgeous new fire place and a lovely table!  He was coming home from work, riding on the elevator, visiting with a couple who had sold their California home.  They were finishing up their move to their new condo.  They wanted to sell a fireplace and a table.  Your Daddy phoned me and asked me to meet them at their room to look at it.  When we were looking at the condos for purchase, your daddy loved the rooms with a fireplace.  They were boxy ugly fireplaces that I would have had him move out. I was so pleased I saw this one.

It had a lovely mantelpiece.  When we walked into their home, I told him I definitely wanted the table.  It was perfect and we needed it.  They gave us a great price.  Daddy got his fireplace and I got my table!  We got them 3 weeks ago.  2 weeks ago we moved them to their new home.  We put the fireplace on the east wall where our bookshelf was in the living room .  The table is by the Recliner.  This last weekend we “stole” a picture from our Spokane house and got things settled.  I got out my spring colored pillows ignoring the white stuff still falling outside the windows.

Your dear daddy did it again.  He purchased unplanned and made things perfect.  Me who plans, takes notes, and hates surprises, was again cherished by the best man in the world.  After 27 years of marraige, he knows how.

Last weekend Amy and Renae came over to scrapbook  with me.  Amy hadn’t seen our condo yet.  The thing she liked the best was the fireplace.  She thought it was built in. ;).  Perfect!   Daddy paid $300 for this purchase.  I knew you would want to know that detail.   The fireplace has a remote control that I have control over. 🙂  As I am sitting in my chair typing on my Ipad,  the fireplace is roaring.  What could be better than having spring green and turquoise pillows with a roaring fire in the background!!!!   (And beautiful snow falling!)

my lovely table

Spring green!


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