Those who know me best!

My youngest daughter Joy, who is away in Germany to attend college, asked me to begin a blog.  She is a computer science major.  For her, this is an easy task.  For me it is a BIG learning process as she and her dad have always handled anything technical, and she is not here to help! 

I do love geeks.  I married one, birthed two.  Our firstborn Jennifer is not a geek but she has her generations geeky tendencies as they grew up with computers on their laps.  Jenn is more like me.  She is good in math, yet doesn’t love it or discuss it over dinner!  We are both in health care for professions.

To begin my entry into the blogosphere, I emailed my 3 children and my husband asking them to help me come up with a title etc.  Their answers tell alot about me.  I considered the title “DjC designs”.  I love to decorate, craft,  garden, plan and organize.  I love to repurpose items for functional organization.  I have done this for most of my life.  Much before it became a trend.  My kids know how much I like bargains.  Most of my clothes are second hand.  I love to make beautiful things useful.  I am very visual and need things to be pleasant for me to be comfortable. 

Jenn encouraged me to choose something that had to do with organizing.  She says I excell at that.  She also new it would also have scrap booking as content, as we both enjoy that hobby.  James, our son, said that it could be “mom’s musings”.  As you can see, This blog is definitely mom’s musings!  Joy suggested 2 titles;  Debbie’s Corner: A place for the creative and pure of heart.  Or, Debbie’s Corner: Creative Genius and Loving Mother.  I loved her title.  Debbie’s Corner.  (Only one is pure of heart.  Jesus!  He is living in me and infusing me with His “pure heart”!!! )  My husband Jim had alot of titles.  They were all excellent:  Moms Design Corner,  Design collections,  Layout Sensations,  Captured by Color,  A Place for Everything,  Beauty and Order,  and Design Expressions. 

I chose Debbie’s Corner as the title.  I love it.  “Things I Like” is the title of a golden book our children loved us to read to them when they were little.  Jim suggested this as a description.  It seem’s fitting.  “Debbie’s Corner: Things I Like”.

I loved hearing the thoughts of each of my family members.  They didn’t mention my bad habits, but having lived with me at least 18 years of their lives, they do know a little about the way I operate.  What they suggested definitely described what I like.

Thank you for your help.  Mom.  (LUBM  love you bunches mom! :))

P. S.  I will be computer less for a week as I will be visiting my daddy and two of my sisters in flagstaff Arizona.  I will read your blogs on my Ipad, but prob. can’t comment.  I will share with you about my trip when I return.


3 thoughts on “Those who know me best!

  1. Hi mom! I haven’t read your blog in a while, didn’t know you were still updating. But I will go ahead and read all your entries now. Miss you! Have fun in AZ.

  2. You actually have way more time than I do. So blogging shouldn’t be a problem for you. But you should try commenting on the blogs from your ipad. I see no conceivable reason why you shouldn’t be able to as long as you have internet connection. Unless the problem is that you don’t like typing on an ipad. But as far as I can understand, tablet pcs should function in every way that a normal pc functions. I mean…you can comment on blogs with an iPHONE, so it shouldn’t be a problem with an iPAD.

  3. Mom, I am leaving this comment from an Android phone while riding in a van somewhere in Illinois. I’m pretty sure you can blog away from an iPad while sitting in a chair in Arizona. Greet grandpa and your sisters for me!

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