I am home. After unpacking, catching up on Laundry, doing basic chores, and resting, It is time to show you some pictures of my trip.  Dayna and daddy flew from Seattle together to visit Deanna, Lucus, and Logan.  I joined them flying in from Spokane.  We stayed a week with them and had a great time.  Daddy has hip pain with walking so we were quite limited with much activity.  He is sweetly stubborn, and wouldn’t have agreed to use a wheelchair, as he “can walk just fine!”   After about a half a block he needs to sit down to get relief from his pain.  I guess an alschimers memory loss is OK in its ability to stay in denial.  We just enjoyed car trips. (like sardines ;)).  We sat around and chatted, reliving many distant memories.  We enjoyed daddy’s sense of humor and cheerful attitude.  We played tripoli, a game we played a lot as a family years ago.  Dayna and Deanna had a daily run,  I got to read some while daddy napped.  The boys graciously entertained and stayed with us old folks.  Dayna brought children’s cartoon movies which were quite cute.  We had a fun, precious time together with our daddy.  In the morning he usually knew our names. These are some pictures today of all of us together. 

Lucus, me, and Logan. Great nephews, all grown up!!

Daddy, Lucus, and Logan enjoying daddy's jokes! 🙂

Note Deanna in the mirror!   I think you’ve seen us all.  It was good to be together caring for and loving daddy.  I have about 80 pictures. Come see me and I will show you more!  The following are a few shots of Deanna’s cute cottage.  I loved it!  She has a beautiful in-house garden of plants, lovely bright colors.  Spring indoors and out.

Joy, I need you.  I have downloaded 3 photos, and I can’t find them:).  They are somewhere on this page, or have disappeared.  I don’t know how to move them to put them where I want them!  Oh well.  This is enough for now.  I will find out somehow how to do this.  Your daddy is in Nova Scocia today so he can’t help!  Keep ENJOYING JESUS!  He is ALL that matters.  LUBM! (love you bunches, mom!) 🙂


9 thoughts on “Arizona

  1. I love you mom. I am so glad that you blog about your technical difficulties! 🙂 I wish I could help, but as you know I am not the nerd of the family!

    Great photos, can’t believe the cousins are so big! So glad you had fun with your sisters, I miss them. 😦

  2. Thanks Debbie for the lovely photos and blog! Why is it called a blog anyway??
    I loved having you here and really feel grateful that we were able to spend time
    with Dad…

  3. What exactly is the problem with the pictures? … Dad is probably back from Nova Scotia by now anyway, so he’s probably helped you figure it out. I can see three pictures on your blog.

    And…wow…The cousins really are all grown up!

    And there is not just one nerd in the family, so it impossible to be THE nerd of the family. Perhaps Jenn is just THE non-nerd of the family.

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