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I don’t know!

I am trying to figure out why “comments-off” is on my last post about my craft rooms.  I have searched and searched to find out why!  I hope some one can comment .  comment here if you want!  I sure wish I was techy….      Debbie


My Craft Room’s

My Craft Room

I have been inspired by Renae’s and Amy’s posting’s on their craft rooms.  Most of you have seen mine, but I thought posting pictures of them would be fun.  So, here we go…

Our Condo’s second bedroom is my craft room.  We have a trundle bed on one wall for rare visitors.  The rest of the room, including the closet is full of my crafts.  My sewing and knitting are in the closet.  My scrapbooking and card making supplies fill the other wall.  You definitely see my favorite happy color of green is preeminent.

We live in our Condo during the week.  On certain weekends, depending on the meetings of the church, we spend time in Spokane in our homes day light basement apartment.  We rent out the upstairs of the home.  This last Thanks giving break, I enjoyed setting up a “craft corner” for our Spokane home.  Now I don’t have to haul things back and forth but have a place in each home to work on my crafts.  Here is a picture of my “craft corner”.

This “dressor” I made  around 1980.  I purchased a used beat up (with great lines) dressor for real cheap.  I will guess around $20.  I took the drawers out and flipped them on their sides.  I put a peice of wood on the top of the dressor and used new sides. Put some trim, and painted.  I wanted to use it for dishes.  I kept it and after we were married and had kids, it was used as a dressing table. Then it became a book shelf for my kids,  and now a cute craft cupboard.  An old piece full of memories.  I did my conststruction using a simple loop shaped saw.  Amazing what a cute idea and alot of determination can do!

I do need to do some re-sorting and cleaning my craft closet and cupboard.  Maybe I will do a before and after post in a few weeks when I will have the time for that project.  This next weekend we will be rearranging our Spokane storage to make room for my kids (adult children), boxes.  We are storing their things until they finish their schooling.  James and his wife Josie graduate from WSU in 1o days!!!! YEAH.  In August they will attend the FTTA for two years. (A Bible college).  We are so happy they get to do this.  I may take some shots of our weekend labor and share it with you.  Joy’s in Germany in the University there.  Boxes, boxes, boxes!!!  My dear Jenn, she also has stored boxes with us.  Someday………………

Well, I was going to post a short craft that I did.  I will save that for later.  Much Grace be with you ALL!!   LUBM

Update on south beach

I am loving eating low carb. I never crave anything and am satisfied. I don’t know how successful weight loss is as I don’t own a scale. I do know my clothes fit better. I would guess about 10 pounds. When I see my primary care dr. In June I can compare it to her weight. I did weigh myself at the gym this am and will do that once a month to know my progress from this day on. I really am not dieting but just enjoying learning how to eat. The hardest part is eating 6 times a day. I am faithful for 5 times a day, but I really don’t want an evening meal. I simply am not hungry. Small portions or snacks work the best for me. I truly am having fun and feel good. I guess that is a good report! Stay happy! Enjoy the Lord!

Katie’s Shower


Katie cutting a yummy chocolot cake!

Happy Friends!




Callie and Jacquie’s lovely fruit bouquet!
Katie and Zoe, opening gifts

 On April 2, 2011 we got to celebrate with Katie.  She and Seth are getting married in May after graduating from College.  We had a wonderful time together with friends celebrating their upcoming wedding.  We are so thankful to the Lord for their consecration to Him and His purpose.  We prayed briefly, got to hear the story of their courtship, opened gifts and ate some great food.  MUCH GRACE be with them as they begin their life together.  Happy Wedding and LIFE to you Katie!


birds, butterflies, green, blue, yellow!

Paper as picture!

I love this paper.  I couldn’t resist it.  The colors are my favorite. The bird with the green sold it to me.  You should see the vibrant colors on the backside!  Any way I decided the empty wall in our bathroom needed something.  I was considering a frame able quote. Well, I thought I could use this paper.  With further musings I laid out three papers that had colors I have been using in our “basement home”.  Walla!… A trio of pictures and so pretty together.  I bought frames at hobby lobby for size 12 by 12.  I painted the frames and hung them up.  I just loved the paper as is and am using this as my art. No words photos or anything but this creative colorful paper as my art.

The frame color is the same as our towels and rugs.  I get my butter yellow in small doses!
Now that this project is done, I actually have to get used to not having an empty wall.  We will see if I like it in this place.  If not I know they will be great scrapbook pages!  
(A note to my kids….I wrote this in bed a 2 am on my IPAD!  I did it in evernote and cut and pasted it here after emailing it to me!  I thought that was pretty awesome for an un-techy mom!)
designer paper by Susan Winget...K&Company

The papers are K&Company by designer Susan Winget.  “Straw flower” American Accents spray paint.

The wall by the doorway has a shelf I got at good will and painted it white.  When we moved to our basement “apartment”,  I put it here for storage needs.  I put a piece of paper…Cosmo Cricket in the window.

Well,  I no longer get my pink bathroom as here I share with dad, but I do get my lovely paper!   

I am almost ready for Ed and Ruth’s visit this weekend.  I get to see Jenn as well.  Maybe James and Josie will come too???  Aunt Delisa is coming for the conference!  I will tell you about it next week.  I hope also to share some photos of Katie’s shower.


My scrap buddies!!!

Amy and Renae, My scrap buddies!

Twice, Amy and Renae came to scrap book with me!  We had our ‘first’ date in Spokane at our home there.  Here they came to our condo in Coeur ‘D alene.  I showed them how to make an envelope album and on this second date, we bound them.  They both did a wonderful job!  Amy loves making them and has made many paper bag albums.  This one, she put in a lovely box for a wedding gift.   Renae’s is lovely.  She, like my Jenn, enjoyed the new craft but much prefers scrap booking to making a mini album.  I hope she keeps it!  I wish I had gotten pictures of what they did. 

We all did some scrap layouts as well.  I loved having them come over and loved to talk off their ears.  It was hard for me to focus and produce much, but their company was wonderful.  They are great buddies to have! 

I took them to Azteca for lunch to have my favorite soup. Poablo chicken chowder!  IT IS SO YUMMY!  ( I don’t think South Beach will allow me to have it right now….Maybe as a treat in about a year or so!)  Maybe I can play in the kitchen and develop a soup just like it that is healthy!

I’ve digressed.   I hope to have another scrap date soon!   Have a wonderful week! 

Love ,  Scrappy Deb!

Accolades to South Beach!

The other morning at 430 am, I spent about 45 minutes outlining and writing this new post on my IPAD.  OOPS…I must have bumped something and lost it all.  I will save often next time I use it to write.  I wanted to get my thoughts down before they flew away.  Any how, It was a great post.  A bit long-winded, telling of my family history from child hood on.  Oh well, it is lost.  So sorry you didn’t get to read it, but it did fly away.

Today in writing this brief accolade,  I am EXCITED!  The South Beech is a diet.  I decided a few years ago not to ever diet again as my metabolism has suffered from yo-yo dieting.  I am not dieting, I am simply learning how to eat.  At age 52, I have realized, I really don’t know how to eat.  I learned a lot about food groups and balance through weight watchers at age 16 but that way of eating isn’t the best way for me. I got the South Beech diet book back from Jenn on the Lords Day, and all week I have followed the guidelines he gives.  He is a cardiologist who designed this diet for his patients to get their blood chemistries in balance to prevent heart disease and diabetes.  My blood chemistries are awful and balanced somewhat by pills.  Yuk!  I am so excited to learn how to eat.  How to DAILY plan and prepare foods that will help me live a longer life. 

Many of the things he shared are things I want ALL of my kids to learn.  Not at age 52 after a PE, and stroke, but at age 20, 24, and 25.  I hope that my learning how to eat, may inspire each of you to look at some bad habits that even your dear mother may have tought you.  I know I never knew about portion control.  I have served and fed your father HUGE, WAY TO MUCH portions for 27 years.  I began to learn portion control for me after 5 surgery’s 4 years ago.  I am so much happier feeling satisfied and comfortable in eating.  I used to think you should be FULL if you ate right.  I have not eaten correctly my whole life.

I am so thankful for what I am now learning at this great time in my life.  I am looking forward to having healthy blood chemistries.  Maybe I can take less medicine. I also look forward to be comfortable in my clothes, especially the smaller ones!

I will keep you posted on my progress as the months pass.