Accolades to South Beach!

The other morning at 430 am, I spent about 45 minutes outlining and writing this new post on my IPAD.  OOPS…I must have bumped something and lost it all.  I will save often next time I use it to write.  I wanted to get my thoughts down before they flew away.  Any how, It was a great post.  A bit long-winded, telling of my family history from child hood on.  Oh well, it is lost.  So sorry you didn’t get to read it, but it did fly away.

Today in writing this brief accolade,  I am EXCITED!  The South Beech is a diet.  I decided a few years ago not to ever diet again as my metabolism has suffered from yo-yo dieting.  I am not dieting, I am simply learning how to eat.  At age 52, I have realized, I really don’t know how to eat.  I learned a lot about food groups and balance through weight watchers at age 16 but that way of eating isn’t the best way for me. I got the South Beech diet book back from Jenn on the Lords Day, and all week I have followed the guidelines he gives.  He is a cardiologist who designed this diet for his patients to get their blood chemistries in balance to prevent heart disease and diabetes.  My blood chemistries are awful and balanced somewhat by pills.  Yuk!  I am so excited to learn how to eat.  How to DAILY plan and prepare foods that will help me live a longer life. 

Many of the things he shared are things I want ALL of my kids to learn.  Not at age 52 after a PE, and stroke, but at age 20, 24, and 25.  I hope that my learning how to eat, may inspire each of you to look at some bad habits that even your dear mother may have tought you.  I know I never knew about portion control.  I have served and fed your father HUGE, WAY TO MUCH portions for 27 years.  I began to learn portion control for me after 5 surgery’s 4 years ago.  I am so much happier feeling satisfied and comfortable in eating.  I used to think you should be FULL if you ate right.  I have not eaten correctly my whole life.

I am so thankful for what I am now learning at this great time in my life.  I am looking forward to having healthy blood chemistries.  Maybe I can take less medicine. I also look forward to be comfortable in my clothes, especially the smaller ones!

I will keep you posted on my progress as the months pass.


11 thoughts on “Accolades to South Beach!

  1. Yeah Mom! Don’t worry that you taught us wrong. I have undone all your damage. 🙂 The South Beach taught me how to eat way back when I was 19 when I first stole that book from you. You were the one that inspired me to read it, so I guess you didn’t damage me too much. I am definitely a healthy eater (even though sometimes I eat to much!) Right now I am reading a book that I recently downloaded onto my Kindle, its called the “Eat Clean Diet.” I really like it! Its all about eating “real” foods, not sugar, simple carbs or chemicals. It also emphasizes drinking lots of water and eating six times a day. Its an interesting read, and I’m thinking of changing a few things about what I eat, especially leaving out processed foods, preservatives and fake sugar.

    Anyway, sorry this is getting long! Keep us updated on your progress. You know there is nothing I like better than talking about diets and food!

    • I am so glad you are erasing those bad habits!! I didn’t know you like talking about food and diets though. We can talk in length anytime you want! Definitely stay away from those high glycemic index foods!

  2. Hi Debbie! Just found your blog! Its has your favorite colors blue and green for the corner! Way to go on reading the South Beach book, I’m glad to be the Clark family mailman 🙂 See you soon!

  3. Well…I certainly eat horribly, but mostly it is because I forget to eat. But I am planning on starting to begin to eat more healthily. Like eating eggs for breakfast so that I can get a good amount of protein before I have to start my day and making sure I eat a good size lunch instead of eating a huge dinner. I am going to try to eat in the Cafeteria in the University more, which isn’t exactly the healthiest food, but it most likely more healthy than snacking on high-sugar, high-carbohydrate granola bars and chocolate all day long.

    Plus…I definitely should exercise more.
    But hey. Maybe I’ll read the book some time too. I just hate to cook, so it is difficult for me to get super pumped about food. I don’t like food.

    But yeah…keep me updated on how it goes.

    • I will keep you updated! Joy I also forget to eat. I now eat 6 times a day!!! and all healthy foods! I love the nuts for my snacks. Cooking is still a challenge BUT it is very important for me. I am using many of my “funtional ornanizational” habits, to make this way of eating my life style. PLEASE stay away from the high glycemic index foods…. I do beleave they are killing American’s! I want you to have a HEALTHY life!

  4. P.S. So sad about your lost post! Is there no auto-save? Usually wordpress saves you entry every one to two minutes, so it is difficult to completely erase something you write.

  5. Oh this is really neat 🙂 Its so great to be healthy and we all love you and want you to be around as long as possible! I am also learning, as of about 4 months ago, how to eat right. Its amazing how much the little things like portion sizes make a difference. James and I have been using an app called MyFitnessPal. It simply helps you eat right by telling you how much you should be eating every day to reach your goals. It helps you keep track of the food you eat, as well as all of the nutritional information you are getting from that food. It makes eating right so easy 🙂 I’m proud of you!
    Love Josie

    • I am so glad to hear about what you are doing!!! I would love it if you both could read the first few chapters of the South Beach diet book. It helps to understand alot about good cardiac health. James needs to, as does his dad. I think for Jim it will be a forced thing. “No dinner until you read this!!!” 🙂

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