birds, butterflies, green, blue, yellow!

Paper as picture!

I love this paper.  I couldn’t resist it.  The colors are my favorite. The bird with the green sold it to me.  You should see the vibrant colors on the backside!  Any way I decided the empty wall in our bathroom needed something.  I was considering a frame able quote. Well, I thought I could use this paper.  With further musings I laid out three papers that had colors I have been using in our “basement home”.  Walla!… A trio of pictures and so pretty together.  I bought frames at hobby lobby for size 12 by 12.  I painted the frames and hung them up.  I just loved the paper as is and am using this as my art. No words photos or anything but this creative colorful paper as my art.

The frame color is the same as our towels and rugs.  I get my butter yellow in small doses!
Now that this project is done, I actually have to get used to not having an empty wall.  We will see if I like it in this place.  If not I know they will be great scrapbook pages!  
(A note to my kids….I wrote this in bed a 2 am on my IPAD!  I did it in evernote and cut and pasted it here after emailing it to me!  I thought that was pretty awesome for an un-techy mom!)
designer paper by Susan Winget...K&Company

The papers are K&Company by designer Susan Winget.  “Straw flower” American Accents spray paint.

The wall by the doorway has a shelf I got at good will and painted it white.  When we moved to our basement “apartment”,  I put it here for storage needs.  I put a piece of paper…Cosmo Cricket in the window.

Well,  I no longer get my pink bathroom as here I share with dad, but I do get my lovely paper!   

I am almost ready for Ed and Ruth’s visit this weekend.  I get to see Jenn as well.  Maybe James and Josie will come too???  Aunt Delisa is coming for the conference!  I will tell you about it next week.  I hope also to share some photos of Katie’s shower.



2 thoughts on “birds, butterflies, green, blue, yellow!

  1. Those papers are beautiful together Debbie! 🙂 Yes you will see James and I tonight! (Friday). Unfortunately we will only be able to make it to one meeting this weekend 😦 We are swamped with final projects and moving. I think we have to be out in 10 days. Well, I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the fam tonight!

    Love Josie

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