My Craft Room’s

My Craft Room

I have been inspired by Renae’s and Amy’s posting’s on their craft rooms.  Most of you have seen mine, but I thought posting pictures of them would be fun.  So, here we go…

Our Condo’s second bedroom is my craft room.  We have a trundle bed on one wall for rare visitors.  The rest of the room, including the closet is full of my crafts.  My sewing and knitting are in the closet.  My scrapbooking and card making supplies fill the other wall.  You definitely see my favorite happy color of green is preeminent.

We live in our Condo during the week.  On certain weekends, depending on the meetings of the church, we spend time in Spokane in our homes day light basement apartment.  We rent out the upstairs of the home.  This last Thanks giving break, I enjoyed setting up a “craft corner” for our Spokane home.  Now I don’t have to haul things back and forth but have a place in each home to work on my crafts.  Here is a picture of my “craft corner”.

This “dressor” I made  around 1980.  I purchased a used beat up (with great lines) dressor for real cheap.  I will guess around $20.  I took the drawers out and flipped them on their sides.  I put a peice of wood on the top of the dressor and used new sides. Put some trim, and painted.  I wanted to use it for dishes.  I kept it and after we were married and had kids, it was used as a dressing table. Then it became a book shelf for my kids,  and now a cute craft cupboard.  An old piece full of memories.  I did my conststruction using a simple loop shaped saw.  Amazing what a cute idea and alot of determination can do!

I do need to do some re-sorting and cleaning my craft closet and cupboard.  Maybe I will do a before and after post in a few weeks when I will have the time for that project.  This next weekend we will be rearranging our Spokane storage to make room for my kids (adult children), boxes.  We are storing their things until they finish their schooling.  James and his wife Josie graduate from WSU in 1o days!!!! YEAH.  In August they will attend the FTTA for two years. (A Bible college).  We are so happy they get to do this.  I may take some shots of our weekend labor and share it with you.  Joy’s in Germany in the University there.  Boxes, boxes, boxes!!!  My dear Jenn, she also has stored boxes with us.  Someday………………

Well, I was going to post a short craft that I did.  I will save that for later.  Much Grace be with you ALL!!   LUBM