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A GREAT weekend!

Today is my day of rest. We finally got the house ready for our new renter. We need to change a few light bulbs on Saturday, then the house is his. I am so happy to have him as well as knowing that the house is “debbie clean” for him. The carpets got shampooed yesterday and I finally got the refrigerator cleaned. I do plan to “reclean” the stove top also on Saturday, but then….the house is out of my hands. Yeah!

This weekend we will be in Spokane for the Memorial day Conference. We get to see 2 vidio messages a day through Monday. It will be so fun to have such a concentrated dose of the Triune God!!! A GREAT WEEKEND!

Love you all!



cWell, if missy Joy can write about her frustration with laundry, I thought I would let you know about my fun days this past week.  It might interest somebody?? It’s a documentation for history at least! :).

It has been a spring of organizing for me.  I finally got my Laundry room in both homes in an order that pleases me. We rearranged all the storage in Spokane. We brought a few more things to our condo to store as we made A LOT of room for James and Josie’s things.  They no longer need the space as Josie’s grandmother is storing for them.  We are finishing up getting our Spokane home cleaned up for our new renter, getting rid of a lot of furniture this weekend.

This past week, I finally rearranged and LABELED my craft room!  I know where everything is so have not used labels, but it was fun and I think will be helpful in the long run. 


I started in the closet in my craft room.  I got rid of 2 boxes!!!!  A lot of yarn and fabric that I am sure I will not use.  I kept 3 boxes holding my wool yarn for my felted purses I make, My sewing projects, and a few fabric pieces I would like to use.  The drawer unit holds my Letter stickers and other arranged embellishes.  I brought my “suitcase hauler” and am using it to roll my scrapbook totes to the crop I attend once a month at the Kroc center here in Idaho.  The green bin holds my current knitting project.  The green file holds photos for future layouts. The small bins hold wrapping for gifts.  You can also see the bedding for the trundle for the few guests I have.  It was fun to get this project done!

This shelf holds so much of what I use regularly. 

1.    The baskets on the top shelf hold my stock of adhesives.  The boxes hold my chipboard and fall scrapbook products.  These are used for my mini books and seasonal projects. 

2.   The top shelf has my flowers and buttons sorted by color in canning glasses and lids.  I also have a jar of flossing thread.

3.  The 2nd shelf holds my cuttle bug and its dies.  The white bin has recent photos to sort for layouts.  The small green box holds photos I won’t be using for layouts.  I also have a 5 inch adhesive oxyron.

4.  The 3rd shelf has my 3 drawer bins holding my water colors, markers & colored pencils, ink pads, scrap drawers, 6×6 paper pads, etc…

5..  The 4th shelf holds my ribbon spools, paper sacks, fabric pieces, and envelopes.

6.  The bottom shelf holds my magazines and other Idea books.

I LABELED IT ALL!!!  So fun!

I also labeled the new bins for my cupboard. 

1.  The top shelf holds all my paper sorted by color and manufacturer.

2   The next shelf on the left holds all my embossing and glitter products.  The right shelf holds a bin with my acrylic stamps, and my knitting needles and mending kit.

3.  The 3rd shelf left side holds my beads, Tim Holtzs embellishes and other jewelry pieces I use to decorate my mini books.  On the right side the bin holds all my card making envelopes and cards.

4.  The bottom left holds my acrylic paints and glimmer mists.  The right bottom holds my bind it all products.

It is always so fun to get things labeled and organized.  I guess what makes each of us tick is a bit different!!!   This spring clutter project is complete.


Drop spots

I thought of this post when I was assisting my son in law find his keys. When I travel and am staying someplace new, I find a drop spot. I find a place that is out of everyones way, that I can keep my essentials handy for me. This will include my keys, my camera, my purse, my water bottle etc… I know when I need something, this is where I will find it because this is where I will put it.

At home I have a drop spot. In my current home it is in my entry foyer. This is where my purse, keys, coupons, camera, etc go. When I come and go, this has all my essentials. I charge my phone and iPad here as well. The basket in the bottom holds tote bags and a few purses that I might use or change to. The basket on the top holds purse refills.    

When my children were young, they had a drop spot in our laundry room, our mudroom. A husband finds his own. You observe and watch his habits and you will find his drop spot. You can then accommodate his drop spot with whatever containers needed to make things tidy. My husband travels to his desk area and drops his things there. Now he uses a back pack as he takes his small computer and other things with him most places he goes. He unloads his pockets in our closet when getting ready for bed. It is amazing how habitual we are. He has a pretty bowl to collect his change.  

Jim's drop spot

When I travel I immediately find a drop spot. At my sisters in Arizona I kept my things on or right by her pretty green end table. At my friend Karens I used the dresser in her bedroom. 

I think I coined this phrase “drop spots” but I am pretty sure most people have them. If they don’t it is I feel the first thing I would council people to create in order to make their lives run more smoothly. A first step in organizing their lives. It makes hunting for keys easy!

My wishes to all of you to have a lovely drop spot. Debbie!

“”Functional Organizer…”

About one month ago, I asked your daddy to take out the garbage.  We were in Spokane and he was going outside and upstairs so I asked him to help with this chore.  He is always very helpful and efficient.  He although does not multi task in the same way I do.  His gentle comment to me was you are always a “functional organizer.”  I of course took this as a compliment. 🙂  He however was on his way to do some other task that he had in his head, and I knew he would rather do this chore at another time.  Oh well,  he kept the peace and took the garbage out.

I am a functional organizer.  I really do think this is a disposition of someone who is lazy.  I have a very clean and organized home.  Mainly because I never let it get dirty.  I am too lazy to have to clean up!  I simply spend about 50 to 60 seconds cleaning up after myself after everything I do.  People often comment on my clean home.  Truly, I think my way is a great way for a lazy person. :).  I love my free time.  I love having my mind and emotion free to do the things I want to do with out chores waiting.  I also don’t like to take several steps to accomplish things. 

I used to work with a nurse who I called someone who specialized in “economy of motion.”  She loaded up all her supplies to accomplish every task she needed to do so she never had to return for more things.   She was slower at getting started but always accomplished things quicker as everything she needed was at hand.  She definitely economized her motion!

Some examples of my life that I do to make things easy and efficient are in my cooking.  I do not enjoy cooking, but do love to eat!  To make things comfortable for me I arrange my kitchen’s in a way that is functionally organized. (My lazy way! :)).


My favorite breakfast’s are eggs or oatmeal.  These are foods I have almost every day.  Because it is almost daily used, It has a place right within reach on my counter top.  Everything I need for the oatmeal is all in one place.  The measuring cup is set on top of the oats.  The “garnishes” are in jars right next too it.  I put oat bran cereal, nuts, and fruit on my oats.  The pan to cook it in is in the cupboard right below me.  I do take 2 steps to my frig to get filtered water to make it using the measuring cup above.  The measuring cup then is returned to the oats to “dry” on top of the lid.  Easy, Simple, and oh so Yummy!


 Coffee.  Something I enjoy drinking.  I do use decaf when at home and only eat the real thing at coffee shops when I am out and about.  At home it also has a place on my counter top.  This again is something I use almost daily so it gets to stay out and easily accessed.  I again have everything organized to save time and steps. ( The good old functional organizer at work!).  I use creamers, or milk plus a sweetener.  I sometimes use cinnamon.  The stirrer, the sweetener, the cinnamon are all out and ready to go.  The mugs and the coffee are in the cupboard right above the coffee pot.  The sink is to the left of the coffee pot.  I stand in one place to make my great mug of coffee.  Again so easy, simple and yummy.

A great shout out to all the (lazy) great functional organizers out there….I truly understand how you think!!! 

This next weekend I get to go to Pullman to see my Son and his wife graduate from college.  I am so proud and so happy for them both to have accomplished this great goal in their life.  I will write again when I return.  I hope to tell you another story when I return.  It will be called “drop spots”…. Hmmmm, you will have to wait and see what this is.