Drop spots

I thought of this post when I was assisting my son in law find his keys. When I travel and am staying someplace new, I find a drop spot. I find a place that is out of everyones way, that I can keep my essentials handy for me. This will include my keys, my camera, my purse, my water bottle etc… I know when I need something, this is where I will find it because this is where I will put it.

At home I have a drop spot. In my current home it is in my entry foyer. This is where my purse, keys, coupons, camera, etc go. When I come and go, this has all my essentials. I charge my phone and iPad here as well. The basket in the bottom holds tote bags and a few purses that I might use or change to. The basket on the top holds purse refills.    

When my children were young, they had a drop spot in our laundry room, our mudroom. A husband finds his own. You observe and watch his habits and you will find his drop spot. You can then accommodate his drop spot with whatever containers needed to make things tidy. My husband travels to his desk area and drops his things there. Now he uses a back pack as he takes his small computer and other things with him most places he goes. He unloads his pockets in our closet when getting ready for bed. It is amazing how habitual we are. He has a pretty bowl to collect his change.  

Jim's drop spot

When I travel I immediately find a drop spot. At my sisters in Arizona I kept my things on or right by her pretty green end table. At my friend Karens I used the dresser in her bedroom. 

I think I coined this phrase “drop spots” but I am pretty sure most people have them. If they don’t it is I feel the first thing I would council people to create in order to make their lives run more smoothly. A first step in organizing their lives. It makes hunting for keys easy!

My wishes to all of you to have a lovely drop spot. Debbie!


5 thoughts on “Drop spots

  1. As I recall…our old baskets didn’t actually work out all that great because we never emptied them. Or if we took them to our rooms, we never brought them back.
    My drop spot is the floor! And it is definitely big enough to contain all of my stuff…=D

  2. Well joy, the drop spot was the hooks to hang your coat and the spot to put your backpack. That worked! The baskets were for me to have a place to put your stuff that I found all over the floor in the rest of the house. That also worked. What you do is fine. The floor works. It does hold your stuff. I am just glad I don’t have to see it :). I will get to in October!

  3. Matt’s drop spots are numerous! And usually they include the dining room table or the kitchen counter. Actually these are my spots as well. I want to buy a little table to add to our living room as purposeful drop spot.

  4. That would be a great idea. Another idea could be to get 2 beautiful bowls or baskets. One for you and one for Matt. Or…2 half bowls that could sit side by side. One for each. :)! Cute 😉

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