Crafting Cards

Wednesday is the day I stay home to do “me” things. Eather things that need to be done, OR things I want to do for fun. The thing I like most, is I don’t go anywhere! My hair was washed this morning but I haven’t even combed it yet and Jim gets home in a few minutes! COOL!

This month we have many friends graduating from high school, and college. I also have alot of birthdays coming up. I need to “restock” my card supply. I enjoyed making a few and will share some photos with you. I didn’t emboss or paint, or do much stamping on these, but I think they are cute anyway.





Well, that was my labor for today. (Actually, before I made these, I sorted and cleaned out my desk!)  The only thing I forgot to do today was eat.  I think I am going to go make me a bowl of oatmeal…just gotta have it! 

I will post again soon and tell you about my “Smash books”.  Have a great week.



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