Knick Knack Lady

Knick Knack Lady

Several years ago my dear husband called me this!  Of course I didn’t understand it.  Now a bit wiser, I can’t deny this description! I just bought another knick knack!  This is after a lot of decluttering recently with a car load of stuff taken to good will. Go figure!

A few weeks ago I got to see a friends condo.  She has an apple orchard mid state.  She comes here regularly to get away from a very busy life style.  She has a lovely condo.  So pleasant and decorated beautifully. No clutter or knick knacks.  So peaceful!  Her furniture was top quality mostly from pottery barn. 

I told her I now wanted to give away everything I owned that “decorated” my condo, all my knick knacks!  She came to see my home and noted that I love Mary Engelbright.  She had the wisdom to let me know, our home just expresses what we are. It is our home!  She reminded me Mary E., how a few years ago she tried to get rid of her knick knacks and just had to come back to her love of collecting. 

Well, like I said, I bought another knick knack.  I don’t good will shop or intentionally collect like I did in the past, but….this was a necessary purchase.

Smile!  How could I resist….the colors, my inspiration!  With a bird and flowers and such lovely colors. Cute, small, I could not resist! 🙂

My friend told me this place was her get away.  Her home mid state was very cluttered.  Her kitchen wall was like a scrap book full of pictures. Many things everywhere.  What a dear.  I would like to see that home of hers as well.

I think my knick knacks are really my story.  Everything I display is something that has sentimental value with sweet memorys.  My knick knacks are like embellishments. My home truly is MY LIVING SCRAP BOOK…FULL OF STORY.

I am a knick knack lady!



4 thoughts on “Knick Knack Lady

  1. Momma, you are definitely a knick knack lady. I remember your “favorite book” when I was a teenager called “Clutter’s Last Stand.” I think you know a lot about clutter, and how to clutter things up with style. You frequently make trips to the goodwill etc. to get rid of your clutter and pick up new clutter. Knick knack away momma, I love you.

  2. I am also you knick-knack-little girl….I love little things that sit around and remind me of pleasant memories. I have a whole corner (of my very small desk) dedicated to the little things that I have picked up…like the small vase I bought in Greece, the little wooden sled I got as a gift in Switzerland, the toy Transformers car that I brought from America, and the vase of fake flowers that I got as a gift for finishing language school. And I love all of them! Whenever I glance over in the corner, I have to smile!

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