A few months ago my youngest…our Joy, said my blog was like haveing “Mom in a box”. Joy is in Germany going to school. I haven’t heard from her for about a month, and was a bit concerned. She called me yesterday and made my day! I got all my questions answered about her life and schooling and got updated as to her days. She is very busy but also very much enjoying the church life there. All is well. This mom is happy! I loved her comment about “Mom in a box”, and I just had to write using this title. I may develop it further, but have to consider it some more. Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “MOM IN A BOX!

  1. Joy, I think your minor of English is a very smart move. You are a great creative writer, LOVE reading “literature”, etc. Your comments show your talent!!!! Add water and stir…then DRINK!

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