I lost again!

This week I want to update on a few things. 1) My most recent purchase. 2) weight loss.

When Jim went to Germany, he bought a book for me of wonderful German castles. He said it would help me decorate our new home, our condo. I was a bit stunned as I knew we had no money to do much of anything as we now had two mortgages. I sort of wondered about his sanity :).
In our time here…Almost one year, I have wanted a few things to make our home here functionally beautiful. I have a monthly budget and usually spend it on household needs and gas. I have found ways to save, really questioning each purchase. (also putting a freeze on craft purchases!) I have been able to save a bit each month and been able to purchase a few things that I really wanted. This month, a dear friend of mine, Becky, had a piece of furniture she was selling. She took me to see it. I loved the piece but was not sure it would suit my need. After shifting a few things around, I decided to purchase it. When I love a piece of furniture, I will always find a place for it! I have wanted a buffet for the condo as I wanted to bring some more dishes here. I don’t cook much anymore, but love to have great serving dishes when I do, or when I have company. Tom and Becky helped Jim bring the “buffet” here. (It is a lovely bookshelf of sorts, now filled with my petalware and other treasures!)  I love it.  I will love to get all of you to see it in person, and let me know if it “fits” where it is.  Maybe some day I will be willing to get rid of my favorite things….usually dishes!  A silly love as I truly don’t enjoy cooking!!!

Now, on to the title of this post.  “I lost again!”  I have not been feeling well since early May.  I had a terrible bout of the flu…or food poisoning.  I have not had an appetite and have not been able to eat the things that “south beech” eating requires.  I actually craved tacos!  I rarely eat them, but as I was recovering, chicken noodle soup and tacos were about the only things I could eat.  Go figure!  I think it was the sodium.  I was shocked how salty (and good) the tacos tasted.  Since then, I have eaten carefully but many more carbs than I thought I should eat.  This morning after my time at the gym, I weighed myself.  I was down another 5 pounds!  I was so happy.  I knew I was maintaining, but was so happy I actually lost.  That was so motivating!  That means 22 pounds since I have been getting on a scale.  I am enjoying eating small amounts of things my body craves or loves.  Resisting sugar, having wheat only a few times a week.  I’m finding a way I can eat for the rest of my life.  Sweet success. 

I will post about once a week.  I want to tell you next time about the gift your father gave me for my birthday!   Such a dear.     Have a great week.  LUBM…..Debbie!





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