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scrap book kits!

What a sweet week! On Monday a family from Pheonix needed a place to stay. They are part of our church family, though we had never met. They got our phone number from a friend of ours, and needed a place to stay while visiting a Dr. here. Mom and her 2 girls camped out in my craft room! I again fell in love. 🙂 The girls and I made a travel journal for each of them using a notebook. They covered it with some pretty patterned paper, and had so much fun stamping almost every page with various stamps. We had so much fun!

Their dad joined them on Tuesday. In the evening they held a “concert” for us as they had to practice their violins and flute. We were amazed how talented they were with their instruments.  When bedtime came, we walked with them to the Hotel across the street from us.  (Not quite enough room in our little place for them all.)  We were so happy to have them and to meet them.  What dear lovely people! 

My goal for this week was to get ready for a 12 hour crop I have signed up for at the Kroc center here in Coeurdalene. I have not scrapbooked for a while. I put off this goal until today. I chose many photos for about 15 layouts. I put together papers that I felt would best tell the story of the photos. I gathered them and put them each in a separate 12 x 12 envelope. I then went through my basic scrapbook supplies and packed up all the things I want access to to make these pages. It is a “to go” kit of sorts. I love doing this as I go through most of my supplies. (I have a lot!). I find so many treasures I forgot I had! It really helps me come up with some great layout ideas as the products help me tell the story of my photos.

I had planned to take photos of my kits but instead will post some finished layouts after my August 6th crop time.  We will see how much I get done! 🙂

Have a great weekend! LUBM Debbie


Inside Picnic

Each July, the “breakfast club” comes to the Riverside Condo for their weekly breakfast.  We chose late July as we just knew the weather would be so lovely this time of year.  WELL, the dark clouds, wind and threats of thunder, herded us to take plan B.  The ladies would be arriving at 9 a.m. to our outdoor patio.  The ladies average age is around 80.

At 7:00 am yesterday while I was standing out in the cold wind, my dear friend Mary made the final decision,  we will have the picnic INSIDE!  The ladies  all arrived around 9 am.  We had a welcoming time in our condo so the ladies could see where we lived, then the 15 of us went upstairs to Mary’s spacious lovely place for our wonderful time together.

I made a small flower arrangement for each of them.  We had a compote of sweet, colorful fresh fruit, a delicious breakfast egg casserole garnished with swirls of orange and parsley, blueberry scones, and apple danish.  Coffee and tea.  I was so glad to get to serve them with my petalware depression glass.  A fit crowd to serve as many have memories of that time in our country’s history.

These women have met regularly for over 50 years.  They raised their children together in their “mom’s” group, and now weekly have breakfast together.  I love to hear their stories.  They remember Coeurdalene “growing up”.  I have a few memories of my own as I lived here until I was 8 years old.  I have been very blessed to be included in their time together even though I am the age of many of their children.  They are dear, friendly, strong women.  We again had a lovely time together.  I can’t beleave I am a “member” of a breakfast club!  It is a new adventure for me.  Here are a few photos of my friends, plus me and Mary, the hosts of this picnic inside!


ME….(debbie) 🙂

Have a great weekend…..LUBM………Debbie’s Corner!

Table cloth weights

What are these?  Picnic Helpers,  table cloth weights, or clips.

When the kids were little, Joy and I painted clothespins then glued weights and cute buttons, little toy decor on them to pin them to our tablecloths when we ate outside. It kept the wind from doing it’s job of messing with our table.  I still have these.  I use them in  Spokane.  A few years ago I wanted an update. I love to use my vintage table clothes when setting a table, but don’t like the winds interference!  I made some new clips.

I purchased the round clipped curtain holders at Lowes. I cut out fabric scraps in circles larger than the circle clips and made a cute “popcorn” quilt piece around the curtain clip.  I found these weighty animal, and leaf decorative pins at the dollar store.  I pinned them to the clips and “Wahla”, a very cute table cloth weight!  I’ve used them a lot.  (It kept James and Josies tablecloth in place at their wedding!). 

Next week, I will be using them at a breakfast we will be holding on our deck.  I will show you photos of that event next week.  I really am a functional organizer.  I want cute things to make my life easier.  I like to “create” things in a thrifty way to keep things functional and organized and CUTE! 
Have a great weekend.  LUBM


Joy’s Daisys

Joy’s Daisys

A quick update as we have been very busy attending our semi-annual training.  We are enjoying the book of Psalms.  Most of you are enjoying it with us!!!  I wanted to tell you about a our July 4th day, but first I want to show Joy her lovely Daisy’s.  Our garden is very simple in Spokane as we really live in Coeurdalene, but Joy’s daisy’s continue to flourish.  I am loveing them!

Now I want to note our great day last week.  Jenn & her friend Renae came to spend the 4th of July with us.  We went to the couerdalene parade in the am, then just visited together until their husbands joined them.  They stayed with us until it was time to go downtown by the lake to watch the fireworks. 
Jim and I got to sit on our deck and see so many great fireworks.  A panoramic view of our neighborhood.  After the crescendo, so many of us on our decks clapped and whistled our appreciation of the show. 
Renae and I both so appreciated seeing so many veterans at the parade. We also saw so many people in a small town way appreciating the freedom we in America enjoy.  Happy Birthday USA.  We are blessed.

Jenn is my photographer so photos I lack.  She I am sure will share them on her blog!    LUBM. Debbie


Peter Rabbit


my birthday gift!

In May and June, I think about my mom a lot.  Mothers day comes, and I miss that she is no longer with us.  In June was my birthday, and each year I am so thankful to the Lord for another year of Life.  My momma went home to be with the Lord at age 73.  Her first stroke was at age 63.  My stroke was at age 48. Mine was from a different cause than hers, but I realize how fleeting our lives are.  It is so precious to have the Lord be our life, and I am so blessed to enjoy His presence daily.

This Spring I was again considering my momma.  She was a loving, considerate mom.  I always loved her artistic ways.  She loved to sketch.  She sketched animals and flowers, very much like Beatrice Potter.  She was a real animal lover.  I asked Jim if we could go to a bookstore and look at the Peter rabbit series. (part of this was because I wanted a date there with Jim.  We both like book stores.). He of course didn’t know of this hidden motive with my request.  (Actually he still doesn’t ! Such great communication.) Instead of this “date”, my dear husband ordered the whole set of the Peter rabbit series for me!!!  I am thankful for them.  I told him I loved his birthday present for me! Another great gift from my dear husband.  (Now I just need some grandkids to read these cute illustrated stories to!).

In the future, I will try to be more direct with my requests.   I do however, love the great surprises when my communication lacks clarity.  (Maybe I’ll suggest going to a car show with him ;))!!! Or maybe because of budget considerations I might suggest a date to cold stone!

Any how,  have a great week.  Debbie