Peter Rabbit


my birthday gift!

In May and June, I think about my mom a lot.  Mothers day comes, and I miss that she is no longer with us.  In June was my birthday, and each year I am so thankful to the Lord for another year of Life.  My momma went home to be with the Lord at age 73.  Her first stroke was at age 63.  My stroke was at age 48. Mine was from a different cause than hers, but I realize how fleeting our lives are.  It is so precious to have the Lord be our life, and I am so blessed to enjoy His presence daily.

This Spring I was again considering my momma.  She was a loving, considerate mom.  I always loved her artistic ways.  She loved to sketch.  She sketched animals and flowers, very much like Beatrice Potter.  She was a real animal lover.  I asked Jim if we could go to a bookstore and look at the Peter rabbit series. (part of this was because I wanted a date there with Jim.  We both like book stores.). He of course didn’t know of this hidden motive with my request.  (Actually he still doesn’t ! Such great communication.) Instead of this “date”, my dear husband ordered the whole set of the Peter rabbit series for me!!!  I am thankful for them.  I told him I loved his birthday present for me! Another great gift from my dear husband.  (Now I just need some grandkids to read these cute illustrated stories to!).

In the future, I will try to be more direct with my requests.   I do however, love the great surprises when my communication lacks clarity.  (Maybe I’ll suggest going to a car show with him ;))!!! Or maybe because of budget considerations I might suggest a date to cold stone!

Any how,  have a great week.  Debbie


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