Joy’s Daisys

Joy’s Daisys

A quick update as we have been very busy attending our semi-annual training.  We are enjoying the book of Psalms.  Most of you are enjoying it with us!!!  I wanted to tell you about a our July 4th day, but first I want to show Joy her lovely Daisy’s.  Our garden is very simple in Spokane as we really live in Coeurdalene, but Joy’s daisy’s continue to flourish.  I am loveing them!

Now I want to note our great day last week.  Jenn & her friend Renae came to spend the 4th of July with us.  We went to the couerdalene parade in the am, then just visited together until their husbands joined them.  They stayed with us until it was time to go downtown by the lake to watch the fireworks. 
Jim and I got to sit on our deck and see so many great fireworks.  A panoramic view of our neighborhood.  After the crescendo, so many of us on our decks clapped and whistled our appreciation of the show. 
Renae and I both so appreciated seeing so many veterans at the parade. We also saw so many people in a small town way appreciating the freedom we in America enjoy.  Happy Birthday USA.  We are blessed.

Jenn is my photographer so photos I lack.  She I am sure will share them on her blog!    LUBM. Debbie


3 thoughts on “Joy’s Daisys

  1. That was such a fun day! I’ve never been to a 4th of July in a small town before! Very patriotic and such a feeling of community – you don’t get that in Seattle.

  2. I love my daisies! and for the record…I always read your blog. I follow you on google reader and get your blog posts sent to me almost as soon as you write them.

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