Table cloth weights

What are these?  Picnic Helpers,  table cloth weights, or clips.

When the kids were little, Joy and I painted clothespins then glued weights and cute buttons, little toy decor on them to pin them to our tablecloths when we ate outside. It kept the wind from doing it’s job of messing with our table.  I still have these.  I use them in  Spokane.  A few years ago I wanted an update. I love to use my vintage table clothes when setting a table, but don’t like the winds interference!  I made some new clips.

I purchased the round clipped curtain holders at Lowes. I cut out fabric scraps in circles larger than the circle clips and made a cute “popcorn” quilt piece around the curtain clip.  I found these weighty animal, and leaf decorative pins at the dollar store.  I pinned them to the clips and “Wahla”, a very cute table cloth weight!  I’ve used them a lot.  (It kept James and Josies tablecloth in place at their wedding!). 

Next week, I will be using them at a breakfast we will be holding on our deck.  I will show you photos of that event next week.  I really am a functional organizer.  I want cute things to make my life easier.  I like to “create” things in a thrifty way to keep things functional and organized and CUTE! 
Have a great weekend.  LUBM



3 thoughts on “Table cloth weights

  1. I really admire the way simple, functional things can be made to be beautiful. I also know that is not obvious to even have such a thing a table cloth weight. Of course I know about them! Good job.

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