Inside Picnic

Each July, the “breakfast club” comes to the Riverside Condo for their weekly breakfast.  We chose late July as we just knew the weather would be so lovely this time of year.  WELL, the dark clouds, wind and threats of thunder, herded us to take plan B.  The ladies would be arriving at 9 a.m. to our outdoor patio.  The ladies average age is around 80.

At 7:00 am yesterday while I was standing out in the cold wind, my dear friend Mary made the final decision,  we will have the picnic INSIDE!  The ladies  all arrived around 9 am.  We had a welcoming time in our condo so the ladies could see where we lived, then the 15 of us went upstairs to Mary’s spacious lovely place for our wonderful time together.

I made a small flower arrangement for each of them.  We had a compote of sweet, colorful fresh fruit, a delicious breakfast egg casserole garnished with swirls of orange and parsley, blueberry scones, and apple danish.  Coffee and tea.  I was so glad to get to serve them with my petalware depression glass.  A fit crowd to serve as many have memories of that time in our country’s history.

These women have met regularly for over 50 years.  They raised their children together in their “mom’s” group, and now weekly have breakfast together.  I love to hear their stories.  They remember Coeurdalene “growing up”.  I have a few memories of my own as I lived here until I was 8 years old.  I have been very blessed to be included in their time together even though I am the age of many of their children.  They are dear, friendly, strong women.  We again had a lovely time together.  I can’t beleave I am a “member” of a breakfast club!  It is a new adventure for me.  Here are a few photos of my friends, plus me and Mary, the hosts of this picnic inside!


ME….(debbie) 🙂

Have a great weekend…..LUBM………Debbie’s Corner!


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