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Proud to be an Introvert (via The Joy of Germany)

From your introvert momma….we love how God made us. He is the master designer. Praise Him for ALL He does well! Lubm……..

Introverts are greatly misunderstood. I have simply commented on the fact that I am an introvert and been rebuked as if being an introvert was a bad thing. I am one those people who always look at the ground whenever I am walking, and I decided today to google it, to see if I could find out if there were any psychological reason why I like to do so. However, the results were less than appealing to me. A whole bunch of forums showed up and the con … Read More

via The Joy of Germany



I just returned from a very lovely trip to Auburn to my sisters home. I spent an enjoyable time with Dayna and her family, my tanta Mary, and my daddy. Daddy came for 4 days while I was there. We had a great time. I am recovering from the trip and am getting ready for another great week. On Thursday pm, we pick Joy up at the airport. She will visit with us on her school break for 3 weeks. Then she will return to Germany for her schooling. Jenn and Matt will visit this weekend and we will be having a welcome home party for Joy. It will be so great to see her again. I will post pictures next week of these great events.
LUBM……..Blessing to you all. Debbie

Scrap book layouts…Scrapbook circle challenge!

The first layout I made on Wednesday afternoon was from a kit I purchased from “Scrapbook circle”.  I have never purchased a kit before and LOVED the challenge of creating something I loved with items others picked out.  It was very fun, I  loved the challenge.  They encouraged us to make a layout with circles.  That is this months challenge.  I decided I would do it.  I have never shared my layouts before and This was a lot of “firsts” for me!

August 2011 scrapbook circle challenge

The next few layouts are ones I completed from the “kits” I made for the crop I went to on saturday.   I finished these this week and thought I would share them with you.   I am looking forward to doing more and more scrapbooking, but do have to share my room with Joy for the 3 weeks she visits.  I think visiting with her will be my TOP priority in the next month.

Here are the finished layouts.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I won’t be posting until I return from my trip to Seattle unless I can figure out how to do it with my IPAD.  We will see how your untechy momma does!   James and Josie, have a WONDERFUL time at FTTA.

MUCH BLESSING TO YOU ALL!    lubm………………………..Debbie

Scrapbook Layouts:

I had a wonderful time at the Kroc center with about 18 women for the 12 hour crop time.  Not all stayed the entire time, but a few did.  I left after 11 hours.  I felt I did pretty well and had a very fun productive day.  The food offered was awesome.  I didn’t eat too much but did enjoy the snacking as I worked.  (We had 3 meat salads to choose from for lunch to make sandwiches if we wanted.  Cookies, chips, peanut M&M’s, fruit etc…  Dinner was Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread)

Here are the lay outs I made.  It was so fun to “catch up” on my photo’s with only a few left to go.

March Arizona trip

I did 8 layouts.  (3 two page layouts). I did 3 more on Monday while I did my laundry.  I will try to make a couple layouts today.  If I accomplish this, I will post those new layouts on friday. You scrap bookers might like to see my “labor”. It is a craft I love.

Have a wonderful week.  I will be busy this weekend with Jenn and Matt here for a race, then on the Lord’s Day after the meeting I will be going to Seattle to visit my daddy.  His Alzheimer’s is pretty advanced.  I look forward to my time with him.



Always Rejoice! :)

I have wanted this verse from 1 Thesselonians on my wall for years. I actually bought the vinyl years ago with the hopes of making my letters. Each dining area I had had a different layout. I at first was going to go to a pottery place and paint some platters, or dishes with these verses. Then the next house, I thought the vinyl letters would work best. NOW in my condo dining room, I felt the vinyl with the long mid height “cabinet” needed the letters to complete this wall. I love that I can see it when entering my house, from my kithen, and even when coming out of our bedroom. I like it. I think something else is needed on top of the shelving but will work that out. (I know my winter snowmen will definitely fill the space when that season returns.) My dear friend Amy cut these letters out for me on her cricket. I am so happy to get this project completed. Thank you Amy! There is one letter missing and is in paper, but a final vinyl letter will be coming. See if you can see which letter is not quite right. ??? Always rejoice, unceasingly pray and in everything give thanks. This keeps my heart so happy!

Have a great week and weekend. LUBM……Debbie