Always Rejoice! :)

I have wanted this verse from 1 Thesselonians on my wall for years. I actually bought the vinyl years ago with the hopes of making my letters. Each dining area I had had a different layout. I at first was going to go to a pottery place and paint some platters, or dishes with these verses. Then the next house, I thought the vinyl letters would work best. NOW in my condo dining room, I felt the vinyl with the long mid height “cabinet” needed the letters to complete this wall. I love that I can see it when entering my house, from my kithen, and even when coming out of our bedroom. I like it. I think something else is needed on top of the shelving but will work that out. (I know my winter snowmen will definitely fill the space when that season returns.) My dear friend Amy cut these letters out for me on her cricket. I am so happy to get this project completed. Thank you Amy! There is one letter missing and is in paper, but a final vinyl letter will be coming. See if you can see which letter is not quite right. ??? Always rejoice, unceasingly pray and in everything give thanks. This keeps my heart so happy!

Have a great week and weekend. LUBM……Debbie


3 thoughts on “Always Rejoice! :)

  1. Impressed at how well this turned out! I will have to get the cartridge back from Monet but I will try to finish it up soon.

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