Scrapbook Layouts:

I had a wonderful time at the Kroc center with about 18 women for the 12 hour crop time.  Not all stayed the entire time, but a few did.  I left after 11 hours.  I felt I did pretty well and had a very fun productive day.  The food offered was awesome.  I didn’t eat too much but did enjoy the snacking as I worked.  (We had 3 meat salads to choose from for lunch to make sandwiches if we wanted.  Cookies, chips, peanut M&M’s, fruit etc…  Dinner was Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread)

Here are the lay outs I made.  It was so fun to “catch up” on my photo’s with only a few left to go.

March Arizona trip

I did 8 layouts.  (3 two page layouts). I did 3 more on Monday while I did my laundry.  I will try to make a couple layouts today.  If I accomplish this, I will post those new layouts on friday. You scrap bookers might like to see my “labor”. It is a craft I love.

Have a wonderful week.  I will be busy this weekend with Jenn and Matt here for a race, then on the Lord’s Day after the meeting I will be going to Seattle to visit my daddy.  His Alzheimer’s is pretty advanced.  I look forward to my time with him.




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