Envelope z fold album

I was asked to teach a crafting class at the Kroc centers scrapbook club. We begin in September to get together monthly for crops and make and take classes. The women there have liked seeing some of the mini albums I have made and the director there asked me if I would be willing to teach them the z-fold album made out of envelopes. I have made many of this style of albums that I have given as gifts. I am happy to show them how I make them.

This Friday evening I am demonstrating this to 8 women that have signed up for this class. I helped a couple of friends with it in my home last fall. I did ok, but not great as I truly can’t multi-task any more. I also struggle in the evening with my speech. We will see how it will go.

I have been preparing for this and hope everyone will be comfortable and enjoy this great craft. I wrote down the directions. I have made the pages and the binding strips having samples for the women to see. I think this organization should help the class go well. I will let you know on Saturday how it went! Maybe can even show you some pictures.

WELL… I am just editing this post.  It is Saturday morning and my presentation at the Kroc center went well.  Ten ladies participated and loved the project.  They will enjoy their finished album when they get the pages decorated and their tags done.  I was able to walk them through the making of the album.  The preparation with samples of each step on each of their tables made it much easier to explain.  I am happy that I was able to do this.  I have not spoken to teach in front of a class before.  ( I used to teach children’s bible classes before my stroke 5 years ago. That is my teaching experience!  I did give inservices to nurses as well.)   Last night,  I did well. 🙂 !  

I was not able to take photos of the class as I had to stay focused on teaching.  I  will post pictures of the sample envelope album that I brought to the class.  

I was exhausted after this event, but again was so happy that I was able to do it.  Jim walked a 15 mile walk around the Lake while I taught and ended his walk at the Kroc center.  He drove me home at around 10 pm.  I “crashed” into bed and slept.  Today we are at home resting, preparing for our upcoming trip to Germany and Holland.  

May you all have a blessed weekend.  Much grace to you.   Debbie



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