We are home!

Jim and I had a wonderful time in Europe. We began our trip visiting our daughter Joy in Düsseldorf Germany. We stayed one week in a sweet hotel less than a mile from Joys home. We loved it. It was almost a honeymoon having breakfast with Jim each day in their sunroom. Drinking coffee, using lovely china in a red, pink, floral vintage room. The older hosts speaking German with Jim, made us feel like royalty. We then spent each day with Joy. We got to see the “old city” of Düsseldorf walking on cobblestones and brick loving the great brick stores and buildings. We walked along the Rein river. We met all of Joys church friends. We had tea, coffee, and visits with all. We went to her campus and work place. We traveled by foot, trolley and train to wonderful places. I also got to help her organize, clean her desk and cupboard! A wonderful week with Joy.

Our next 5 days, we were in the Netherlands for Jim to attend a church conference. We stayed in a castle hotel that was founded in the 1200’s. Our room was completely modern but we loved the bucolic atmosphere of the parklands and ponds. I met with 7 wives. We toured the lovely city of  Barlow and bused to a garden and castle near by for a days tour. It was a lovely restful time for me.

We finished our vacation by traveling to Haarlem Holland. It is a bedroom community of Amsterdam. We stayed in a 400 year old hotel facing the major market square. We climbed many stairs with heavy suitcases to a small old room but felt we were on an adventure in a darling era. We were one block away from Corrie ten Booms hiding place. We loved seeing her old home and were blessed with a sweet tour of her hiding place. We loved shopping at the quaint older shops around this historic area. The architecture is common to Europe, but so quaint and lovely to this American visitor. I felt many longings for these dear ancestors of ours to come to know the reality of their dear Savior as Corrie and her family found and lived. Their suffering was great, but their peace and joy much greater. My prayers for this continent will continue, and my love for these people has increased.

We visited one day in Amsterdam and spent several hours in 2 museums. We saw the lovely work of Rembrandt and also the work of Van Gogh. It is fun to spend this time with Jim. I think we were both refreshed being together away from routine.

I am getting ready for a conference here in Spokane, but in a week or so, I will post
a few pictures of our trip.

Much grace to you all…….Debbie


2 thoughts on “We are home!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip Debbie! I’m glad you got refreshed, sounds like a very fun trip! Can’t wait to see your pictures and your smash book 🙂

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