Photos of our trip to Europe:

Joy and Jim with the cartwheeling child, a symbol of Dusseldorf, Germany.


Our walk along the Rhine River.

The famous 3 crooked buildings! White, Silver, and Brick.

Visiting the Pink Castle and gardens in Dusseldorf.

Visiting Joy's campus...The University in Dusseldorf.


My Joy!


We spent 5 days in Barlow for the ITERO conference. The wives and I at our hotel took a bus to Arcen. We began our day at a bakery with Lattes!

My dear friends! We loved our day trip to Arcen Holland to see Kasteelhof castle and gardens.


Lovely ladies!


All the attention a little black goose got!


If I could only show you all the lovely flowers! Hydrangia blossom.


So many lovely vistas!


We spotted Leslie taking a photo. We found the hidden camera "man"!

fall beauty.


simplistic beauty


30 or so gold fish swarmed to Penny. Her lovely sweater matched them. I told her they probably she was their mother!


"Geen Toegang" !!!!


We finished our trip in Harleem Holland.

Our favorite part was to see the "hiding place" and Corrie Ten Booms home.

Jim and I within the hiding place.


We have many great memories, and many many more pictures.  I am so thankful to the Lord for His work in these countries.  May the Lords work flourish and may the Lord word run through the entire world.

Much grace to you all today!     Debbie


5 thoughts on “Photos of our trip to Europe:

  1. Beautiful photos Debbie! I’m so glad you had such an amazing opportunity to see those beautiful places 🙂 Thanks for sharing them

    Love and miss you

    Josie Clark

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