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Orange Paint!!!

Jim and I had a wonderful thanksgiving!  We had a dinner out with Jim’s father at the Red Lion Inn at the Park and had a yummy turkey dinner.  We also had an AWESOME conference….and I mean AWESOME!! on the FOCUS of the Bible.  I will share with any one of you individually the truth of God’s New Testament economy.  We are SO blessed to be under the Lord’s present speaking and to be enjoying our Triune God daily!

In the afternoon on Thursday, Jim and I painted 2 walls in our Spokane home’s daylight basement.  What I call our Spokane cottage! 🙂  We moved to our Condo in Coeur d’alene, and never really made our Spokane home feel like our home.  We “shared” our furniture between these two homes and sort of  “stuffed” it together.  I never felt that happy with the comfort of it.  Plain white walls are ok, but I sometimes crave a bit of color.  I have been looking at colors and wanted to blend the different wood colors of our furniture and the deep red leather sofa and chairs. I felt a deep golden color would do the job.  It worked in my parents home when we moved them.  I chose sun-kissed Apricot.  The color on the little sample was perfect!

In the perfect lighting, the walls are just as I wanted.  YET…. shadows, direct lighting, in the a.m. and p.m.,  I have “orangey” walls.  Go figure.   I am no longer cringing, and actually, by the end of the weekend,  I like it!  I purchased a few new pillows and a painting at Pier 1 that I LOVED.  I feel like they tied it all in.  Now, I like my Spokane cottage, and even like to stay there.  🙂  Mission Accomplished!

Here are some before and after photos…. Please come and visit me here!  You might like it too.  So homey.

Before painting


Better Homes and Gardens Sun Kissed Apricot:

I like MANY colors!  Orange is probably my LEAST favorite color!  Now I do love the fall colors naturally in nature…..leaves, pumpkins etc…  I just would never wear it, and I surely didn’t think I would like it on a wall.   I told Jim maybe it would remind him of Mexico as Mexico is technically his “home”.  He said it doesn’t remind him of Mexico.  Hmmmm.  HOWEVER….He likes the walls we painted.  He thinks it is “so neat” that they change colors often depending on the light.  I am so glad he is so easy to please!  He is usually the best at picking out colors.

The next photo shows the pillows that I found.  I love them.  (If I love something, I know it will work.)  I also bought some fabric in which I am going to make a ‘red’ child size pillow for my child size rocker.  It will balance out the poppy picture that I bought. You can see the rocker above to the right of the picture. 

The final change, was to re-line the back of my scrapbook corner cupboard.  I used a lovely red fabric that blends with the leather furniture.  


So glad this project is done. 
I will show you the pillow that I make, when it is done. I have an idea that I think will be so cute.  We will see. 
Now if I can quit thinking about how I want to paint the floor…………  Poor Jim.  Project after project!   🙂
Thank you for reading my ramblings and seeing the results of about 6 hours of labor.
Much blessing to each of you!  LUBM                 Debbie

Scrapbook layouts and thank you card:

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  My kids are all away…ENJOY your thankfilled day.  Jim and I are taking Larry out for a meal.  We will be staying in Spokane for the webcast thanksgiving conference!  (We will also be painting a wall or two! Pictures to follow.)

I want to show you a card I made for my starbucks friends…celebrating snow!  I also will show you a  few scrapbook layouts.  Again, alot of smiles every time I look at these photos. 

favorite mouse and moose!

my favorite girls!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Have a wonderful holiday weekend.  Much Blessing to you all!  LUBM     Debbie

Frosted Trees

Today was our first real snow.  I LOVE SNOW!  We have had a few skiffs this past week which melted as it hit the ground.  TODAY, WE HAVE FROSTED TREES!  I walked the few feet to “our” starbucks to have breakfast with Jim.  I took photos of the snow and all the dear people that serve me my skinny vanilla latte, and my turkey bacon breakfast sandwhich.  Christina again gave me a sweet hug by labeling my drink.  I can’t post all the employees photos, but I am looking forward to scrapbooking todays great morning! It is amazing how easy it is to entertain me!!! 🙂

The fire is going, the candles lit, and the snowing has resumed!  SO LOVELY!

I am going for a crop tonite at the Kroc center.  I will post a few of my layouts soon. Have a blessed weekend.  LUBM.            Debbie 🙂

Organizing Debbie style

Just a little post to let you know of some things I have accomplished to make things functionally organized Debbie style in two areas.
1. My desk
2. My little laundry room (closet).

On my desk I needed a book end to hold up my calandar, idea book, address book etc…. I used a cute candle holder. A Better Homes and Garden Pumpkin candle I purchased at Walmart. It is the perfect size and weight, and so cute, to do the job!

In my Laundry Room, I needed more storage. I found this shelf at Good will for about $18. We put it up and it holds some of my cleaning products that I only need for special cleaning needs.  I love that the doors of the cabinet hide the bottles.  I finally hung my little ironing board up as well.

I found these 2 green baskets at Michaels when they were 50% off. I was going to go with plastic bins, but am so glad I got something that is so much prettier. The bottom one holds my spring nick nacks. The upper one is empty….waiting for a task yet to be defined. I am sorry I don’t have a before picture, but I do love how much happier it looks when I keep the door opened on laundry day.

The “flowers” are cute wooden tulips I purchased in holland.  They are waiting to come out for spring time, but they have a great “hiding place” that lets me see them on Laundry day!

A few fun things I have enjoyed getting done.  Again, its so fun to “check off” those projects I have wanted done.   

Much blessing to each of you.   Debbie

Project Life and ME art.

1.  I LOVE PROJECT LIFE  by Becky Higgins!

2.  I LOVE Mary Engelbreit’s art.

I have used “project life” products for two years.  In 2010, I did a photo a day album and loved it.  It was so awesome to see life daily lived. It was also a year of many happenings  that I was so glad I recorded…simply, with project life.  I wish everyone could use it, it is an awesome way to live each day and an easy way to keep a memory book of life.

Project Life Kit American Craft Turquoise album

In 2011 I have used it in a different way that I feel is best for me.  I used the lovely Amber addition.  I have a place to put all my photo’s, my paraphernalia of life, plus the stories I want to tell.  Rather than a picture a day, I recorded things randomly, and used more space for the bigger events. It is a great functional organizer!  In some parts, I just copied my blog and placed it as my journaling of events.  I cut and pasted using different sized pocket pages as I needed for different things I saved.

I just set up my 2012 album and I am SO excited!  I had planned to use the new clementine album for 2012.  I am still ordering it in December when it is available.  (I am ordering two-one for a “soon to be mommy” friend.) 

 My daughter used the turquoise addition this year and I love the colors.  Those nature neutrals!  My favorite green, blue, browns and reds.  I ordered the plastics from for my project life book and also I ordered the cardstock and the turquoise kit. It is available now. (If it isn’t available later, I would be so disappointed as I do love the design. I just had to order it!) I was going to keep the turquoise kit for later.  WELL… arrived.  I had to play with it! 

I set up an album using an American Craft turquoise album and used the Project Life turquoise kit with it!  In the past before using PL, I used my old Mary Engelbreit calendar pictures with my scrapbooks.  I love her art.  The colors, the childlike beauty and humor.  Each picture full of story!  When setting up my album this year, I decided to use my 2010 calendar pages as dividers.  I put the cardstock as background.  I love it!  When my turquoise project life edition arrives, I will probably do the same!  Maybe I will have to fill two albums???  Probably I’ll use one for my 2012 documenting, and use the other one as special events arrive.  We will have to wait and see.  Here are some pictures of what I did.

My project life album is ready to go.  It is amazing how quickly this year is passing.  Much grace to each of you as you enjoy today.  Much blessing to you and yours. 

(This morning we had our first taste of snow.  Jim and I walked and got bitten by the cold wind.  Each season full of beauty and full of events.  It is so good to record it.  A few of us have difficulty with memory, and it is so fun to look back and be reminded of how lovely life is.) 

Have a wonderful day.    Debbie    (LUBM)

Scrap book Layouts


I look at these photos and I smile.  When I think of each of these stories, I giggle.  I smile even as I am writing this!  What fun to get to scrap these days of last August/september.  Jennifer….my own personal photographer and her dear husband Matt visited while Joy returned from Germany for her summer break from Dusseldorf University.  What a great time we had.  I have about 6 more stories to tell so there will be many more smiles in the next few weeks.  Enjoy!

Getting everything ready for Joy’s welcome home party!

Such a great time together!  Love you all Bunches!!!!  Thank you again Jenn for so many great photographs.  You are the best!  

Much Blessing to you all.     Debbie

Clothes Closet Organizing:

I have a free Saturday and I was so excited to do something with a portion of my closet.  The weather is changing and I get frustrated with the “stacks”s of clothes on my closets shelves.  I rarely wear pants.  I am much more comfortable in dresses.  When the weather changes, I do wear pants to keep warm.  The shirts and pants I own, are simply stacked up.  My excercize clothes are also stacked up. 

This morning I measured my shelves. I went to Target and Walmart to see what I could find that would fit inside my shelves.  Walmart had a 5 drawer sterlite shelving unit for $34 that would fit just fine. 

 I was also looking for a way to bring my silk scarves out of my front hall closet so I could get my winter scarves hung up by my coats.  I am a cold bird and love the warmth of scarves on my neck and shoulders.  I am not built to look good with scarves as I have very little neck, yet….I still love them and feel hugged with their warmth. 

Here are a few photos of how my little project worked. 

My before shelving unit:

A corner of my walk in closet. My stacks of clothes

I have our clothes hamper here.  On the side of my clothes shelf.  I put up a hook and I have 2 lingerie bags hanging so I can “sort” my bras, slips, and socks.  One for darks, one for whites.  I wash these with the clothing, but I hang them out to dry.  This makes washing so much more efficient.  I can just grab the lingerie bag to hang up these items, and put the rest of my clothing in the dryer.  (funtional organizer at work!)

This is my AFTER photo showing the shelving unit inside the shelves!


The bottom shelf holds my warm flannel sweats that I rarely use, but when I just need to get warm and drink some cocoa, I put these on and cuddle up.  I rolled them to the side of the sterlite shelves.  The bottom sterlite drawer holds my excercize pants, the drawer above holds my excercize shirts.

The middle shelf has 3 sterlite shelves.  My pants are rolled up to the side of the sterlite shelf. The larger bottom drawer holds a few shirts I wear with my pants.  The two little drawers hold my silk scarves.  I like them here with my clothes, because they become a part of the outfit I choose to wear.  These drawers are already making it much easier to find what I need without having to lift so many things out of the way!

silk scarves!

 I am so glad to get this little task checked off of my “list”!
 The little corner of my clothes closet is now so functionally organized,  Debbie style!
 Hope you all have a great weekend.  Enjoy!  Much Blessing to you all.  Debbie.