Clothes Closet Organizing:

I have a free Saturday and I was so excited to do something with a portion of my closet.  The weather is changing and I get frustrated with the “stacks”s of clothes on my closets shelves.  I rarely wear pants.  I am much more comfortable in dresses.  When the weather changes, I do wear pants to keep warm.  The shirts and pants I own, are simply stacked up.  My excercize clothes are also stacked up. 

This morning I measured my shelves. I went to Target and Walmart to see what I could find that would fit inside my shelves.  Walmart had a 5 drawer sterlite shelving unit for $34 that would fit just fine. 

 I was also looking for a way to bring my silk scarves out of my front hall closet so I could get my winter scarves hung up by my coats.  I am a cold bird and love the warmth of scarves on my neck and shoulders.  I am not built to look good with scarves as I have very little neck, yet….I still love them and feel hugged with their warmth. 

Here are a few photos of how my little project worked. 

My before shelving unit:

A corner of my walk in closet. My stacks of clothes

I have our clothes hamper here.  On the side of my clothes shelf.  I put up a hook and I have 2 lingerie bags hanging so I can “sort” my bras, slips, and socks.  One for darks, one for whites.  I wash these with the clothing, but I hang them out to dry.  This makes washing so much more efficient.  I can just grab the lingerie bag to hang up these items, and put the rest of my clothing in the dryer.  (funtional organizer at work!)

This is my AFTER photo showing the shelving unit inside the shelves!


The bottom shelf holds my warm flannel sweats that I rarely use, but when I just need to get warm and drink some cocoa, I put these on and cuddle up.  I rolled them to the side of the sterlite shelves.  The bottom sterlite drawer holds my excercize pants, the drawer above holds my excercize shirts.

The middle shelf has 3 sterlite shelves.  My pants are rolled up to the side of the sterlite shelf. The larger bottom drawer holds a few shirts I wear with my pants.  The two little drawers hold my silk scarves.  I like them here with my clothes, because they become a part of the outfit I choose to wear.  These drawers are already making it much easier to find what I need without having to lift so many things out of the way!

silk scarves!

 I am so glad to get this little task checked off of my “list”!
 The little corner of my clothes closet is now so functionally organized,  Debbie style!
 Hope you all have a great weekend.  Enjoy!  Much Blessing to you all.  Debbie.

2 thoughts on “Clothes Closet Organizing:

  1. Very cool mom! I love your lingerie system! I also use those same bags and wash my bras with all my other clothing. I just wish I had a place to pin them up. I am always searching the dirty hamper for those bras…yum!

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