Project Life and ME art.

1.  I LOVE PROJECT LIFE  by Becky Higgins!

2.  I LOVE Mary Engelbreit’s art.

I have used “project life” products for two years.  In 2010, I did a photo a day album and loved it.  It was so awesome to see life daily lived. It was also a year of many happenings  that I was so glad I recorded…simply, with project life.  I wish everyone could use it, it is an awesome way to live each day and an easy way to keep a memory book of life.

Project Life Kit American Craft Turquoise album

In 2011 I have used it in a different way that I feel is best for me.  I used the lovely Amber addition.  I have a place to put all my photo’s, my paraphernalia of life, plus the stories I want to tell.  Rather than a picture a day, I recorded things randomly, and used more space for the bigger events. It is a great functional organizer!  In some parts, I just copied my blog and placed it as my journaling of events.  I cut and pasted using different sized pocket pages as I needed for different things I saved.

I just set up my 2012 album and I am SO excited!  I had planned to use the new clementine album for 2012.  I am still ordering it in December when it is available.  (I am ordering two-one for a “soon to be mommy” friend.) 

 My daughter used the turquoise addition this year and I love the colors.  Those nature neutrals!  My favorite green, blue, browns and reds.  I ordered the plastics from for my project life book and also I ordered the cardstock and the turquoise kit. It is available now. (If it isn’t available later, I would be so disappointed as I do love the design. I just had to order it!) I was going to keep the turquoise kit for later.  WELL… arrived.  I had to play with it! 

I set up an album using an American Craft turquoise album and used the Project Life turquoise kit with it!  In the past before using PL, I used my old Mary Engelbreit calendar pictures with my scrapbooks.  I love her art.  The colors, the childlike beauty and humor.  Each picture full of story!  When setting up my album this year, I decided to use my 2010 calendar pages as dividers.  I put the cardstock as background.  I love it!  When my turquoise project life edition arrives, I will probably do the same!  Maybe I will have to fill two albums???  Probably I’ll use one for my 2012 documenting, and use the other one as special events arrive.  We will have to wait and see.  Here are some pictures of what I did.

My project life album is ready to go.  It is amazing how quickly this year is passing.  Much grace to each of you as you enjoy today.  Much blessing to you and yours. 

(This morning we had our first taste of snow.  Jim and I walked and got bitten by the cold wind.  Each season full of beauty and full of events.  It is so good to record it.  A few of us have difficulty with memory, and it is so fun to look back and be reminded of how lovely life is.) 

Have a wonderful day.    Debbie    (LUBM)


5 thoughts on “Project Life and ME art.

    • Soon Amy, soon. I hope to get it all to you before I leave for the training in Anaheim. The products hopefully all will be available mid December. I will order them as soon as they are in.

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