Organizing Debbie style

Just a little post to let you know of some things I have accomplished to make things functionally organized Debbie style in two areas.
1. My desk
2. My little laundry room (closet).

On my desk I needed a book end to hold up my calandar, idea book, address book etc…. I used a cute candle holder. A Better Homes and Garden Pumpkin candle I purchased at Walmart. It is the perfect size and weight, and so cute, to do the job!

In my Laundry Room, I needed more storage. I found this shelf at Good will for about $18. We put it up and it holds some of my cleaning products that I only need for special cleaning needs.  I love that the doors of the cabinet hide the bottles.  I finally hung my little ironing board up as well.

I found these 2 green baskets at Michaels when they were 50% off. I was going to go with plastic bins, but am so glad I got something that is so much prettier. The bottom one holds my spring nick nacks. The upper one is empty….waiting for a task yet to be defined. I am sorry I don’t have a before picture, but I do love how much happier it looks when I keep the door opened on laundry day.

The “flowers” are cute wooden tulips I purchased in holland.  They are waiting to come out for spring time, but they have a great “hiding place” that lets me see them on Laundry day!

A few fun things I have enjoyed getting done.  Again, its so fun to “check off” those projects I have wanted done.   

Much blessing to each of you.   Debbie


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