Frosted Trees

Today was our first real snow.  I LOVE SNOW!  We have had a few skiffs this past week which melted as it hit the ground.  TODAY, WE HAVE FROSTED TREES!  I walked the few feet to “our” starbucks to have breakfast with Jim.  I took photos of the snow and all the dear people that serve me my skinny vanilla latte, and my turkey bacon breakfast sandwhich.  Christina again gave me a sweet hug by labeling my drink.  I can’t post all the employees photos, but I am looking forward to scrapbooking todays great morning! It is amazing how easy it is to entertain me!!! 🙂

The fire is going, the candles lit, and the snowing has resumed!  SO LOVELY!

I am going for a crop tonite at the Kroc center.  I will post a few of my layouts soon. Have a blessed weekend.  LUBM.            Debbie 🙂


2 thoughts on “Frosted Trees

  1. Looks like a beautiful morning! It was bright and sunny over here today…no snow, but still a beautiful day! I hope you save that coffee sleeve with your name on it. That is so cool!

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