Orange Paint!!!

Jim and I had a wonderful thanksgiving!  We had a dinner out with Jim’s father at the Red Lion Inn at the Park and had a yummy turkey dinner.  We also had an AWESOME conference….and I mean AWESOME!! on the FOCUS of the Bible.  I will share with any one of you individually the truth of God’s New Testament economy.  We are SO blessed to be under the Lord’s present speaking and to be enjoying our Triune God daily!

In the afternoon on Thursday, Jim and I painted 2 walls in our Spokane home’s daylight basement.  What I call our Spokane cottage! 🙂  We moved to our Condo in Coeur d’alene, and never really made our Spokane home feel like our home.  We “shared” our furniture between these two homes and sort of  “stuffed” it together.  I never felt that happy with the comfort of it.  Plain white walls are ok, but I sometimes crave a bit of color.  I have been looking at colors and wanted to blend the different wood colors of our furniture and the deep red leather sofa and chairs. I felt a deep golden color would do the job.  It worked in my parents home when we moved them.  I chose sun-kissed Apricot.  The color on the little sample was perfect!

In the perfect lighting, the walls are just as I wanted.  YET…. shadows, direct lighting, in the a.m. and p.m.,  I have “orangey” walls.  Go figure.   I am no longer cringing, and actually, by the end of the weekend,  I like it!  I purchased a few new pillows and a painting at Pier 1 that I LOVED.  I feel like they tied it all in.  Now, I like my Spokane cottage, and even like to stay there.  🙂  Mission Accomplished!

Here are some before and after photos…. Please come and visit me here!  You might like it too.  So homey.

Before painting


Better Homes and Gardens Sun Kissed Apricot:

I like MANY colors!  Orange is probably my LEAST favorite color!  Now I do love the fall colors naturally in nature…..leaves, pumpkins etc…  I just would never wear it, and I surely didn’t think I would like it on a wall.   I told Jim maybe it would remind him of Mexico as Mexico is technically his “home”.  He said it doesn’t remind him of Mexico.  Hmmmm.  HOWEVER….He likes the walls we painted.  He thinks it is “so neat” that they change colors often depending on the light.  I am so glad he is so easy to please!  He is usually the best at picking out colors.

The next photo shows the pillows that I found.  I love them.  (If I love something, I know it will work.)  I also bought some fabric in which I am going to make a ‘red’ child size pillow for my child size rocker.  It will balance out the poppy picture that I bought. You can see the rocker above to the right of the picture. 

The final change, was to re-line the back of my scrapbook corner cupboard.  I used a lovely red fabric that blends with the leather furniture.  


So glad this project is done. 
I will show you the pillow that I make, when it is done. I have an idea that I think will be so cute.  We will see. 
Now if I can quit thinking about how I want to paint the floor…………  Poor Jim.  Project after project!   🙂
Thank you for reading my ramblings and seeing the results of about 6 hours of labor.
Much blessing to each of you!  LUBM                 Debbie

4 thoughts on “Orange Paint!!!

  1. Looks very homey! Sometimes it does take awhile to get used to paint colors…Looks nice though, like the new painting and your scrapbooking corner has always been awesome!

  2. I’m so glad you all could see. I’m here at my sisters and the color I wanted is here in the basement. A mustard color. Who knows a brown wash over my orange might work. That is a potential summer project. Potential….

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