Project Life scrap table!

Well, my dear husband spoiled me again!  I have been looking for a table, counter height, that I could stand and work on my project life scrapbook.  I love this way of telling the story’s of our life. I have used the system for two years. I’ve used it differently each year and this next year I am going to add another element.  I will be keeping ALL my layouts in this album.  My project life pocket pages as well as the 12 x 12 layouts, 4x4s etc. all in the 3 ring binders.  This year I had added many extra sized pages to my P.L. book.  I love the idea of the complete story in one place.  I am sure it will take at least 2 notebooks, maybe even 3 for a year.  Becky has great Albums available at Amazon.  We will see how many I fill!

Ali Edwards keeps her project life book on the counter in her kitchen.  It makes the journaling and scrap saving handy.  I like the idea of keeping it out, ready and constantly available.  I don’t want spills to damage it so was looking for a tall table that I could use in my scrap room for this purpose.  I also have seen the way others have used their PL, using up their own supplies, their stash as well as the PL cards. I’ve done this a little this year.  Go to Becky’s Blog ( Becky Higgins) and see what her project life creative team does.  Each is so unique and creative.

After searching my favorite thrift stores, even IKEA in Seattle, I found exactly what I needed at Target.  More costly than I usually spend, $249.00 for a rolling kitchen cart.  (It is well made, and can serve many purposes.)  The few times a year when I need to use the trundle bed in my craft room, I will need to roll the cart away to my bedroom to let the guests have space. Otherwise it owns the space and will gratefully supply my project life’s needs.

It took Jim 3  1/2 hours to assemble it after work on my daughters 26th birthday.  Another day of LABOR :).  I got to watch the labor this time!  I love it. 

Today, I began to set up the table, and am really happy with how it will work.  My project life has a new home! 

Laboring Jim

final pages of 2011 Amber and ready to scrap

The top 2 drawers hold the journalling cards, tape runner, scizzors and embellishments.   The right hand cupboard holds my paper and other types of page pockets for the project life.  The Left cupboard holds my sewing supplies.   I love this extra space already! The box on top of the cabinet holds things I collect during the week that I want to put in my album.

I also made this tag today to put in my Album….See Jenny, even you make the news! 🙂

The aqua project life on the table is my 2012 album “waiting” for a few weeks before it
will be used.  I have 2 sets,  Joy may choose to have one of them.  I will see her briefly in a few weeks so we will see which one I get for the year.  Turquiose or Clementine??

Thank you for reading my latest story.  Thank you Jim for your Labor and Love.  I am looking forward to having a project life work station.  Fun, functionally organized, and pretty as well.  🙂    Much Blessing to each of you,  



5 thoughts on “Project Life scrap table!

  1. What a good husband you have!! 🙂

    I love this idea of having it all in one place for easy access! I am having so much fun getting my PL life organized and ready. I plan to organize my scrap area all day Saturday. So excited to get it looking good and functional.

    Great post! Super helpful too as a new PL fan!! 🙂

  2. You’re so organized! I love it! Still working on the other half of my space, it’s nice to have a spot for everything so when you do a project, your whole room doesn’t explode 🙂

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