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Scrapbooking boot camp!

My friend Amy and I attended scrapbooking boot camp on Saturday.  It is a 12 hour scrap crop held by my local Kroc Center.  We had a wonderful time playing with paper.  I was so glad I was able to multitask much better than the last time I sat near someone.  We both had fun and got alot done.  JoAnne, our host, provided 2 meals and snacks. We loved getting to play all day with no responsibilities.  So fun!  We also watched a make and take paper bag album class.  A new style album which will be fun to make. 

Here are 4 layouts I worked on.  The lay out “so stinken cute” is my favorite and took the most time.  The story is of my nephew.  I have visited him twice this past few months, and loved being with him. The order of my photos gets mixed up as I down load.  I need my geeky kids to help me!  I also am sorry for the angle of my shots. At least you can see what fun I had!

I am also going to show you another 3 layouts I did this week.  The one of Amy and I was done at 2:30 am!  I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and couldn’t fall asleep again.  Instead of reading I did this quirky layout.  I guess such a cutsie layout can happen in those curcumstances! 


Well, I want to close.  I wish I could figure out how to place the photos in the order in which I downloaded them….Oh well, you don’t need to know which I made where.  I know I am more intelligent than a computer!!! I just wish I could figure it all out!  IN THE MEAN TIME….. KEEP ENJOYING THE LORD!!!!  TODAY IS A WONDERFUL DAY TO PRAISE THE LORD!!!!   Much grace to each of you,  LUBM…..Debbie. (also gmg and gdg! :))




This week, I wanted to complete two organizing goals.

l.  Sort through clothing to get rid of a few items that I simply don’t wear.  I eather don’t like the fit, or the style. 

2.  Make room in my craft closet to keep my sewing machine out.

Yesterday I went through all my clothing.  I tried many items on.  When I shop, I often buy things because I love their color and style…(when they are cheap!) Usually at a clearance sale or a slightly used item at a thrift store.  When I buy, I often don’t try them on.   I store clothing in my craft room closet that are out of season or are a bit too small.  In the spring all my spring dresses replace my winter dresses in my bedroom closet.  I have kept many items that are a size to small.  What I love to wear are dresses and jumpers that are hard to find.  When I find something that I love I buy it and keep it….until it fits!  Always optomistic about this!  I sorted and got rid of a few things.  I also found a few jumpers I had stored that now fit perfectly! 🙂  (Everything somewhat fits, but unless I am down a few more pounds, alot I know I won’t wear until it is looser. )

I found these great clothing storing boxes at Walmart.  They will fit above our closet shelves.  The cost is right and the look is just right.  I packed away those clothes that I love.  I am pretty sure by mid summer, Almost all of them will be a perfect fit. 

Putting these away above my other clothes has given me more room in my craft room closet.  It also motivates me to continue to make good food choices.  I have alot of nice clothing that will be a perfect fit very soon!   I will now get to put my sewing machine out on a small table that I have.  It is an old typing table on rollers.  I can open the closet, roll out the machine, and have it set up to use quickly.  Yeah!!  Two things done.  My sewing machine handy, and my clothing sorted.  A great productive week!

I hope you all had a great week.  Tonight we get to go to a love feast!  Tomorrow I get to go with a dear friend to a Scrapbook crop.  A day full of crafting.

Much blessing to you all….Enjoy a day full of praise.  LUBM   Debbie


Many words have been developed lately to match the culture and the age. Google, texts, tweets, blog, etc…Joy and I have had a few verbal disagreements with this. I honestly don’t know what we disagreed on. (Jim says we are pugilists :)).

I have developed my own word! Lubm. Love you bunches, mom. James, my son is a bit disturbed by this as I post it on my blog and also in emails to my kids. Well, I have a new one honey…gmg! Go MomGo! I love it! I guess my stubborn language development started a few years ago when I began to txt to communicate with my kids. “What does this mean?” I would sometimes guess the meaning of the message. I had no interpretor with me.

When you are one who loves a lot of descriptive words to make your point, you have to abreviate it some to be able to get your point across using less letters to text! (whew). I decided to develop my own word. Just remember kids how fun it was to make secret messages when playing with your friends. I guess this is the time you just have to let the kid out in you!!!

Inkadinkado stamp by Kathy Davis

This last week I saw this inkadikado stamp at Michaels. Right away, I had to have it.  I thought “LOVE YOU BUNCHES, MOM”.  I knew it will make a great LUBM card for their birthdays! I think the designer had to have my word in mind!

Here is a layout I made that I had so much fun making!

Love you Bunches, Mom

Well kids, LUBM. And also Go Mom Go! GMG!

A few tickles and giggles to you all.




The present…a gift!

Enjoy today! A day full of PRAISE!

Be more present in the present!

It is so easy to consider yesterday and plan for the future, but really all we are guaranteed is the present. (The mystery of the future, has been shown to me.  As a believer in the Lord Jesus, my Savior, Creator and LORD, my future is secure!).

Each day is so special. I have had two health issues in the past 6 years that could have easily been the end of my human life. In both events, my doctors have been in awe that I survived. I guess that is one reason I love each day. I really don’t know when the Lord will take me home.  My health is fine now, and I look forward to see my grandkids weddings (when I get grandkids!). But I do love to stay current with the Lord each day!  I remember each of the health events and they were totally out of my control.  It’s so good to stay present in the present.  Praise the Lord today!

I bought this stamp from close to my heart Because I love the message!!!

Close to my Heart Stamp "the present"

The sample card in the catalog was so simple and lovely and I thought it will make great cards. I made a few in a very short time in my own design as I had to send my nephew a birthday card. He turns 18 this Saturday!

It is so good to stay present in the present.

Enjoy today! A day full of PRAISE!

LUBM. Debbie

Scrap books!

3 things I want to talk about today….:

1.  A few of my friends in their 20’s (and my daughter friend), have posted a list of 30 things they want to accomplish before they turn 30.  Well I loved their lists.  It certainly described what they love.  I thought hmmm I would have to make a list of 55 or 60 things to do what they have done as my age is 53.  I certainly don’t have that many goals, and I certainly wouldn’t enjoy writing them or having you all   read them.  We all get out of that possible mess!  

2.  I LOVED Joy’s post today on her blog.  Please visit it and comment. Her blog is on my list. It is “The Joy of Germany”.

3.  Finally, I want to show you a couple of pictures of some albums I want to work on this year.  My Project Life album is my go to album that will have my life stories.  I am also going to make 2 more scrapbook albums….sort of mini books that I want to make.  As an empty nester with time on her hands, I need a project.  I love to create with paper but do not have that many photos to work with. 

A. I am going to make a 6 x 6 mini book on the four seasons!  Something I love and celebrate!

B. I am also going to make an 8 x 8 mini book on scrapbooking.  I want to put photos of you dear friends I scrap book with.  A journal for me to enjoy.



This was my “labor today”!  I am looking forward to making these.  A couple of long term projects that tell a bit of a story of things I like!

May today be a day of Praise!  LUBM      Debbie


I have been having fun getting my photos sorted and printed.  My 2011 project life is complete.  I have finished my cover pages for my 2012 project life album.  I will be using the turquoise project life core kit.  Please see Becky Higgins blog for more project life info.  She is the designer of this awesome product.

Joy chose the clementine album that I purchased.  She will be using it to sort her trip memorabilia from her European travels.  She is not a scrapbooker or one who prints her photos as she keeps everything on her many geeky computers, toys, notebooks etc.  she asked me when I visited in the fall how she could keep and display her trip maps and little memorabilia.  I am so glad she will get to use the project life pocket pages as well as all the journaling cards.  She has her semester break in feb. and can set it all up. It hopefully will meet her needs.

My 2012 album already has 2 plus layouts.  We went to Laguna beach on January 1 at the end of our California trip.  I made two regular scrap pages that I am going to keep in my project life book. (That may change if I do alot of 12 x12 layouts this year.  I am going to try it as I would love everything to be in one place. With the 3 ring binders, it is easily changed if it doesn’t work.)

Here are some photos of this weeks fun labor!  Yeah for the simplicity of project life. I love to stay up to date with my record keeping.  A very functional organizer at work!  :)!

Project Life 2012 title page

Misspelled title but I LOVE IT! 😉

week one 2012

2012 week 1b


2012 page 1c

There is some definite shine from the pocket pages, but you get the idea how my first few pages of my 2012 project life began.  I do not do a picture a day layout, but do use it to store every picture I want to keep out in albums.

Have a great praise filled day!!!    LUBM     Debbie


This is my 50th post!  This is a NEW YEAR!  I Love all the  NEW STARTS we get.  Each day, each year, even each minute we can have a new start.  I Love the Lord.  Dear Lord JESUS!!!

My word for this year is PRAISE!  We just returned from the Winter Training in Anaheim.  I don’t have resolutions for the year, but I do consider what means a lot to me as I see a new year again.  This year I want to continue to PRAISE.  It is a kind of thanks sometimes, but even more it is an honoring of our God…A tribute of our whole heart being full of Praise for Him.  He is awesome, lovely, kind, full of intent and power.  He is everything.  The alpha and omega!  PRAISE THE LORD!

I look forward to each day in His presence.  I pray for each of us to grow in grace in the Lord.

Have a wonderful day of Praise.   LUBM   Debbie