This is my 50th post!  This is a NEW YEAR!  I Love all the  NEW STARTS we get.  Each day, each year, even each minute we can have a new start.  I Love the Lord.  Dear Lord JESUS!!!

My word for this year is PRAISE!  We just returned from the Winter Training in Anaheim.  I don’t have resolutions for the year, but I do consider what means a lot to me as I see a new year again.  This year I want to continue to PRAISE.  It is a kind of thanks sometimes, but even more it is an honoring of our God…A tribute of our whole heart being full of Praise for Him.  He is awesome, lovely, kind, full of intent and power.  He is everything.  The alpha and omega!  PRAISE THE LORD!

I look forward to each day in His presence.  I pray for each of us to grow in grace in the Lord.

Have a wonderful day of Praise.   LUBM   Debbie


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