Many words have been developed lately to match the culture and the age. Google, texts, tweets, blog, etc…Joy and I have had a few verbal disagreements with this. I honestly don’t know what we disagreed on. (Jim says we are pugilists :)).

I have developed my own word! Lubm. Love you bunches, mom. James, my son is a bit disturbed by this as I post it on my blog and also in emails to my kids. Well, I have a new one honey…gmg! Go MomGo! I love it! I guess my stubborn language development started a few years ago when I began to txt to communicate with my kids. “What does this mean?” I would sometimes guess the meaning of the message. I had no interpretor with me.

When you are one who loves a lot of descriptive words to make your point, you have to abreviate it some to be able to get your point across using less letters to text! (whew). I decided to develop my own word. Just remember kids how fun it was to make secret messages when playing with your friends. I guess this is the time you just have to let the kid out in you!!!

Inkadinkado stamp by Kathy Davis

This last week I saw this inkadikado stamp at Michaels. Right away, I had to have it.  I thought “LOVE YOU BUNCHES, MOM”.  I knew it will make a great LUBM card for their birthdays! I think the designer had to have my word in mind!

Here is a layout I made that I had so much fun making!

Love you Bunches, Mom

Well kids, LUBM. And also Go Mom Go! GMG!

A few tickles and giggles to you all.





  1. I think that scrapbook layout tops for #1 ever. It is just darling! What a cool way to use that stamp… oh my goodness. I will have to print that one out and try to copy it. LOVE IT!

  2. Under what circumstances would I EVER use the phrase GMG? I think our disagreement was because you thought the new words created by the Internet generation were “stupid”. But the thing is….there was no word to describe those phenomena twenty years ago (because the phenomena didn’t exist twenty years ago), so we were forced to create our own words.

      • Still not understanding the practical usage of GMG. Most abbreviations (LOL, ROFL, Blog, etc.) are useful (and therefore used) because they replace a phrase that is actually in common use all over the world. “Go Mom Go”? Not so much.

        That being said…


        Confused myself. What are you supposed to do when I email shout GO MOM GO!

      • Have you ever heard the term…you go girl. Gmg is used for the same type of encouraging command! :). You sure don’t need to use it. It’s my word, and I will find many opportunities to speak it to myself! You are so off the hook!

        Sent from my iPad

  3. I love your new stamp Debbie, what a cool banner! I think its cool that you are making your own acronyms, GDG! (go Debbie go!)

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