This week, I wanted to complete two organizing goals.

l.  Sort through clothing to get rid of a few items that I simply don’t wear.  I eather don’t like the fit, or the style. 

2.  Make room in my craft closet to keep my sewing machine out.

Yesterday I went through all my clothing.  I tried many items on.  When I shop, I often buy things because I love their color and style…(when they are cheap!) Usually at a clearance sale or a slightly used item at a thrift store.  When I buy, I often don’t try them on.   I store clothing in my craft room closet that are out of season or are a bit too small.  In the spring all my spring dresses replace my winter dresses in my bedroom closet.  I have kept many items that are a size to small.  What I love to wear are dresses and jumpers that are hard to find.  When I find something that I love I buy it and keep it….until it fits!  Always optomistic about this!  I sorted and got rid of a few things.  I also found a few jumpers I had stored that now fit perfectly! 🙂  (Everything somewhat fits, but unless I am down a few more pounds, alot I know I won’t wear until it is looser. )

I found these great clothing storing boxes at Walmart.  They will fit above our closet shelves.  The cost is right and the look is just right.  I packed away those clothes that I love.  I am pretty sure by mid summer, Almost all of them will be a perfect fit. 

Putting these away above my other clothes has given me more room in my craft room closet.  It also motivates me to continue to make good food choices.  I have alot of nice clothing that will be a perfect fit very soon!   I will now get to put my sewing machine out on a small table that I have.  It is an old typing table on rollers.  I can open the closet, roll out the machine, and have it set up to use quickly.  Yeah!!  Two things done.  My sewing machine handy, and my clothing sorted.  A great productive week!

I hope you all had a great week.  Tonight we get to go to a love feast!  Tomorrow I get to go with a dear friend to a Scrapbook crop.  A day full of crafting.

Much blessing to you all….Enjoy a day full of praise.  LUBM   Debbie


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