Scrapbooking boot camp!

My friend Amy and I attended scrapbooking boot camp on Saturday.  It is a 12 hour scrap crop held by my local Kroc Center.  We had a wonderful time playing with paper.  I was so glad I was able to multitask much better than the last time I sat near someone.  We both had fun and got alot done.  JoAnne, our host, provided 2 meals and snacks. We loved getting to play all day with no responsibilities.  So fun!  We also watched a make and take paper bag album class.  A new style album which will be fun to make. 

Here are 4 layouts I worked on.  The lay out “so stinken cute” is my favorite and took the most time.  The story is of my nephew.  I have visited him twice this past few months, and loved being with him. The order of my photos gets mixed up as I down load.  I need my geeky kids to help me!  I also am sorry for the angle of my shots. At least you can see what fun I had!

I am also going to show you another 3 layouts I did this week.  The one of Amy and I was done at 2:30 am!  I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and couldn’t fall asleep again.  Instead of reading I did this quirky layout.  I guess such a cutsie layout can happen in those curcumstances! 


Well, I want to close.  I wish I could figure out how to place the photos in the order in which I downloaded them….Oh well, you don’t need to know which I made where.  I know I am more intelligent than a computer!!! I just wish I could figure it all out!  IN THE MEAN TIME….. KEEP ENJOYING THE LORD!!!!  TODAY IS A WONDERFUL DAY TO PRAISE THE LORD!!!!   Much grace to each of you,  LUBM…..Debbie. (also gmg and gdg! :))



4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking boot camp!

  1. Love all your layouts!! 🙂 They look SO good! I am super impressed with your creativity at 230 in the morning! Wow! Maybe I should try scrapping that early, my layouts might turn out a little better 😉

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