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I am home.

I am home!  I had a sweet time with my father. I also had a wonderful time with Jenn and Matt.

There is some conflict in the care of my daddy. Things I am not able to share.  I feel there was some great progress on this trip.  I also LOVED the atmosphere and loving people caring for my daddy. The place is for Alzheimer’s patients, and daddy is in the best of hands.  I know the Lord is doing all things well. Praise Him!!

When I was with Jenn, I got to sort, toss, and organize a bit.  My favorite job! I also got to do a bit of scrapbooking.  I also got to have a Korean dish, that I have to say is now my favorite meal ever!  I am hoping to find a place to get it here. I can’t ever remember what it is called, but it is something like “Bo beam bob”. It is absolutely yummy!

Here is the layout I did at Jenny’s.  It is from our trip to Europe.  We had such fun.  I love this photo. It is full of memories.  Consider 9 ladies (soon to be 11 as 2 more ladies joined us). We were visiting a lovely garden and castle in Holland. I, a control freak, a frequent school time volunteer for field trips, was very focused on making sure none of us got lost.  We all were full of ideas to stay together.  We at first tried to have partners. Breaking up in threesomes. Problem was all of us middle aged brains couldn’t remember who was on our team.  We then just kept counting heads and couldn’t think of who was missing. It became a very ” chuckling ” time.  We were in an environment of staid, quiet, thoughtful people, acting like giggling school girls.  Oh well, we are from America.  We just couldn’t hide that fact.  What a lovely time!

Here is a layout when one of us was lost!

Have a great weekend.  We will be having a love feast on friday.  Two meetings on Saturday and Sunday.  A weekend full of real love feasting!!!  Praise the Lord for ALL He is!  Praise Him for all He is doing, has done and will accomplish.  We are so very blessed!     LUBM.      Debbie


“Going to Work!”

I’ve enjoyed reading all my favorite blogs this week. I am packing and planning a trip to see my daddy at his new home. I get to stay the weekends with Jenn as she is also going to drive with me to the Seattle area. During the week I get to be with my sister Dayna and her family, as well as my dear tanta Mary. It will be a dear time with them all. Vacations are something most people look forward to. My life is kind of a vacation. Trips or vacations, are more for me like “going to work”. A bit of a stress. 🙂 Sooooo when I return from my “going to work…vacation”, I will post again letting you all know what a great time I had.

You are in my prayers. I will continue to enjoy your lives through your blogs on my IPad, (and my new Iphone that Jim bought me!). Have a wonderful week. Continue to enjoy our dear Lord Jesus….Praise Him!



One year!

Last year,In the month of February, I started my BLOG.  My reasons for beginning were mainly due to the urgings from my daughter Joy.  Now, my continuing are really for me.  I love to read my young friends and adult children’s Blogs to stay in touch with their lives. I also love to write a little about my life. I love that I have a few commenting readers as well. I am amazed that I enjoy doing it and am still discovering a few things about myself even after knowing myself for so many years!  Kind of fun.

This weekend my son and his wife are visiting.  I had him help me change a few things.  He quickly did basic geeky things to help my lay out be more eye pleasing as well as making it easier for me to use.  James is the one who helped me set it up last year.  I am amazed how quickly he changed and added things to make it the way I wanted it. I certainly have time to invest and hopefully can make these kinds of changes on my own next time. Hopefully this “old dog” can learn a few tricks.  (That is a complement as I am totally a dog lover!).

There visit is short, but its so fun to be with them.  Here are a few pictures of our time together.

“PLANKING HAS BEEN replaced by TEBOWING”.   James had to demonstrate planking.  Hmmm, It is a wonder what kids learn today!



Jim and James working on Riddles even before they take take their coats off. These guys like books!

My "baby" and his bride!

Family Fun!


Much grace to you all!  Let’s have another great year.

Remember, today is another great day to Praise the Lord.


Lubm.      Debbie