I am home.

I am home!  I had a sweet time with my father. I also had a wonderful time with Jenn and Matt.

There is some conflict in the care of my daddy. Things I am not able to share.  I feel there was some great progress on this trip.  I also LOVED the atmosphere and loving people caring for my daddy. The place is for Alzheimer’s patients, and daddy is in the best of hands.  I know the Lord is doing all things well. Praise Him!!

When I was with Jenn, I got to sort, toss, and organize a bit.  My favorite job! I also got to do a bit of scrapbooking.  I also got to have a Korean dish, that I have to say is now my favorite meal ever!  I am hoping to find a place to get it here. I can’t ever remember what it is called, but it is something like “Bo beam bob”. It is absolutely yummy!

Here is the layout I did at Jenny’s.  It is from our trip to Europe.  We had such fun.  I love this photo. It is full of memories.  Consider 9 ladies (soon to be 11 as 2 more ladies joined us). We were visiting a lovely garden and castle in Holland. I, a control freak, a frequent school time volunteer for field trips, was very focused on making sure none of us got lost.  We all were full of ideas to stay together.  We at first tried to have partners. Breaking up in threesomes. Problem was all of us middle aged brains couldn’t remember who was on our team.  We then just kept counting heads and couldn’t think of who was missing. It became a very ” chuckling ” time.  We were in an environment of staid, quiet, thoughtful people, acting like giggling school girls.  Oh well, we are from America.  We just couldn’t hide that fact.  What a lovely time!

Here is a layout when one of us was lost!

Have a great weekend.  We will be having a love feast on friday.  Two meetings on Saturday and Sunday.  A weekend full of real love feasting!!!  Praise the Lord for ALL He is!  Praise Him for all He is doing, has done and will accomplish.  We are so very blessed!     LUBM.      Debbie


2 thoughts on “I am home.

  1. I love the colors in your layout! My favorites!! I don’t know if there are any places with good bee bim bop here but Joe can make it. Maybe we should have you guys over when Matt and Jenn are in town some time and have dinner together!

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