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Ok folks,

I was walking to Starbucks this morning and it was 28 degrees out. This for me, is becoming difficult. I am often cold. There is a blanket with in reach all over my house, in my car, and even at my church meeting hall. I dressed this morning to go for a walk as it was not raining, but I AM JUST TOO COLD! Each Monday this month, I think this is the last week of cold. Well, maybe this week will be the last of the cold?! I usually turn off my furnace in March. My furnace is still on and running! Well, I guess we just have to wait for the cold to end.

I still think spring is in the air. It is just such COLD spring air! ūüôā

Enough of my complaining!

I am daily doing a little clutter control. I also have resisted shopping to buy more! (I love cute little hand me downs that I find at thrift stores.) I am going to put away my rusts and browns and bring out my spring greens. (I really want to get out my spring dresses! )

Today I am going to take a load to my local charity.  I also am getting out my spring things.

I hope each of you enjoy some spring greens this week. May your air be warm, and your buds blossom! Also, maybe a dear friend of mine might begin a “sweet” labor of love….! ¬†This week, a birth would be awesome! ¬†Go A– Go!

Enjoy today!  Jesus is Lord!  Praise Him!                                   Lubm.          Debbie


Project Life and scrapbook layouts;

I still love project life.  It seems to make me more aware of each day and little happenings!  I do forget to take pictures. With my new iPhone, I do have access to a camera most of the time.  I need to take it with me when I go for walks so I can take photos of spring time happenings.  I did see a little bit of snow falling, but spring IS on the way.  I plan to document spring more with photos this year!

I will be showing you most of February, and what I have done of March so far.  I will then follow with two layouts that I did this past weekend.  I added some sewing to them after I took the pictures, but even without that final touch, you can see what fun I had.

This was in february for the week I was visiting my daddy.  I also got to be with my sister , nephew and aunt.  Not a great photo of daddy, but he was not well and in the hospital ER. We love you daddy!

This was the weekend staying with Jenn and Matt. I LOVE bo bim bob!  My first and only time having it.  Jenn helped me drive home on that snowy weekend from Seattle.  I do always love getting home!

These next two photos show how I do inserts in my project life album. Here, I sure loved seeing my dear husband! ¬†I also took a photo of my new spring purses. ¬†Dayna bought the little one, I bought the matching big one at TJ maxx. ¬†I think that is the worst thing about my visits, I do go shopping a lot more than usual! ¬†The insert here is a copy of my blog post. ¬†Sometimes that is my “journaling”, and makes my project life album complete. ¬†On the back side, you will see a “little layout” I did of some photos of my friends at our “love feast”. ¬†I also put in my Starbuck’s friends layout. ¬†I made it that week, although the photo was taken back in December.

These two pictures up above are of the first week in March. ¬†PLUS the last day of ¬†February. ¬†I wanted to show you the pocket I filled with confetti! ¬†I felt it was a good day to celebrate, as it is leap year! ¬†Lisa Truesdell has done confetti layouts quite a bit in her project life book. ¬†Also in a garden girl layout on Two Peas in a Bucket. ¬†Ali Edwards also did a PL layout early in the year with confetti. ¬†It was fun. Stitching closed the pocket. ¬†The larger circle I punched out of my Starbuck’s breakfast sandwich package….a cute note from my friend! ¬† ¬†I will follow with last weeks PL layout, and the two scrapbook layouts that I did this past weekend.

Both of these layouts have been on my heart.  I am so glad to get them done.  My daughters have  become good friends as they have grown up.  That makes my heart so happy!!  I found these two of Jenny holding, loving and caring for her baby sister Joy.  I wanted to put these with more current photos showing again this love.

This busy, a bit sloppy layout of my daddy, I wouldn’t normally like…..but I LOVE IT! ¬†It tells the story of my dear daddy. ¬†The fun-loving, kind, casual guy. ¬†HIS typewriter a big part of him. ¬†He loved to write. ¬†He drafted his sermons. It was often sitting out on the dining room table next to his bible.

Thank you for visiting me here.  Have a wonderful week.  Much blessing to you all!   LUBM        Debbie

The sun is shining!!!

Today the sun is shining!!!  The air is cold, but Renae saw robins last weekend!  I think we all are looking forward to spring.  March is another favorite month of mine as seasons begin to change.  I start to look for buds on trees.  I have already spotted some early tulip bulbs begin to peak out of the ground at our meeting hall.  There is such a beauty to the ressurection of life that we see in the spring.  The reality of this is even better!

Here is a picture of my view of the sunshine from my kitchen window.  LOVELY!

Last weekend, I got to spend some time with 2 of my young scrap buddies :). ¬†I didn’t accomplish much, but always am refreshed being with them. ¬†I cannot beleave I didn’t take any pictures. (NEXT TIME…you guys have to be my memory and help me!) ¬†Here is a picture of a layout I completed. ¬†Jill…I am happy with it.


My final photo is so cute.  It is a photo of a dear friend of mine.  HER SHOES.  Sometimes we get a little distracted when we are in a hurry to get some where.  This can be more of a challenge when we pass the 40 or 50 age mark.  I still chuckle when I think of this, It is so fun to be happy and giggle when we find ourselves in this kind of pickle.  This dear friend was rushing to get to the meeting on time.  After our prayer time, she looked down and saw her feet.  I was so glad she came and showed me!!!


Well dear friends…stay happy! ¬†A happy heart is open to the Lord. ¬†Much grace be with you! ¬†May you “shod your feet with the firm foundation of the gospel of peace.” ¬†Eph. 6:15. ¬† Praise Jesus! ¬† ¬† LUBM ¬† ¬† ¬†Debbie