The sun is shining!!!

Today the sun is shining!!!  The air is cold, but Renae saw robins last weekend!  I think we all are looking forward to spring.  March is another favorite month of mine as seasons begin to change.  I start to look for buds on trees.  I have already spotted some early tulip bulbs begin to peak out of the ground at our meeting hall.  There is such a beauty to the ressurection of life that we see in the spring.  The reality of this is even better!

Here is a picture of my view of the sunshine from my kitchen window.  LOVELY!

Last weekend, I got to spend some time with 2 of my young scrap buddies :).  I didn’t accomplish much, but always am refreshed being with them.  I cannot beleave I didn’t take any pictures. (NEXT TIME…you guys have to be my memory and help me!)  Here is a picture of a layout I completed.  Jill…I am happy with it.


My final photo is so cute.  It is a photo of a dear friend of mine.  HER SHOES.  Sometimes we get a little distracted when we are in a hurry to get some where.  This can be more of a challenge when we pass the 40 or 50 age mark.  I still chuckle when I think of this, It is so fun to be happy and giggle when we find ourselves in this kind of pickle.  This dear friend was rushing to get to the meeting on time.  After our prayer time, she looked down and saw her feet.  I was so glad she came and showed me!!!


Well dear friends…stay happy!  A happy heart is open to the Lord.  Much grace be with you!  May you “shod your feet with the firm foundation of the gospel of peace.”  Eph. 6:15.   Praise Jesus!     LUBM      Debbie


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