Project Life and scrapbook layouts;

I still love project life.  It seems to make me more aware of each day and little happenings!  I do forget to take pictures. With my new iPhone, I do have access to a camera most of the time.  I need to take it with me when I go for walks so I can take photos of spring time happenings.  I did see a little bit of snow falling, but spring IS on the way.  I plan to document spring more with photos this year!

I will be showing you most of February, and what I have done of March so far.  I will then follow with two layouts that I did this past weekend.  I added some sewing to them after I took the pictures, but even without that final touch, you can see what fun I had.

This was in february for the week I was visiting my daddy.  I also got to be with my sister , nephew and aunt.  Not a great photo of daddy, but he was not well and in the hospital ER. We love you daddy!

This was the weekend staying with Jenn and Matt. I LOVE bo bim bob!  My first and only time having it.  Jenn helped me drive home on that snowy weekend from Seattle.  I do always love getting home!

These next two photos show how I do inserts in my project life album. Here, I sure loved seeing my dear husband!  I also took a photo of my new spring purses.  Dayna bought the little one, I bought the matching big one at TJ maxx.  I think that is the worst thing about my visits, I do go shopping a lot more than usual!  The insert here is a copy of my blog post.  Sometimes that is my “journaling”, and makes my project life album complete.  On the back side, you will see a “little layout” I did of some photos of my friends at our “love feast”.  I also put in my Starbuck’s friends layout.  I made it that week, although the photo was taken back in December.

These two pictures up above are of the first week in March.  PLUS the last day of  February.  I wanted to show you the pocket I filled with confetti!  I felt it was a good day to celebrate, as it is leap year!  Lisa Truesdell has done confetti layouts quite a bit in her project life book.  Also in a garden girl layout on Two Peas in a Bucket.  Ali Edwards also did a PL layout early in the year with confetti.  It was fun. Stitching closed the pocket.  The larger circle I punched out of my Starbuck’s breakfast sandwich package….a cute note from my friend!    I will follow with last weeks PL layout, and the two scrapbook layouts that I did this past weekend.

Both of these layouts have been on my heart.  I am so glad to get them done.  My daughters have  become good friends as they have grown up.  That makes my heart so happy!!  I found these two of Jenny holding, loving and caring for her baby sister Joy.  I wanted to put these with more current photos showing again this love.

This busy, a bit sloppy layout of my daddy, I wouldn’t normally like…..but I LOVE IT!  It tells the story of my dear daddy.  The fun-loving, kind, casual guy.  HIS typewriter a big part of him.  He loved to write.  He drafted his sermons. It was often sitting out on the dining room table next to his bible.

Thank you for visiting me here.  Have a wonderful week.  Much blessing to you all!   LUBM        Debbie


3 thoughts on “Project Life and scrapbook layouts;

  1. I really like the layout you did for your Starbucks friends. It looks really cool. And I want those pictures of Jenn and me. =) best big sis ever…

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