Ok folks,

I was walking to Starbucks this morning and it was 28 degrees out. This for me, is becoming difficult. I am often cold. There is a blanket with in reach all over my house, in my car, and even at my church meeting hall. I dressed this morning to go for a walk as it was not raining, but I AM JUST TOO COLD! Each Monday this month, I think this is the last week of cold. Well, maybe this week will be the last of the cold?! I usually turn off my furnace in March. My furnace is still on and running! Well, I guess we just have to wait for the cold to end.

I still think spring is in the air. It is just such COLD spring air! ūüôā

Enough of my complaining!

I am daily doing a little clutter control. I also have resisted shopping to buy more! (I love cute little hand me downs that I find at thrift stores.) I am going to put away my rusts and browns and bring out my spring greens. (I really want to get out my spring dresses! )

Today I am going to take a load to my local charity.  I also am getting out my spring things.

I hope each of you enjoy some spring greens this week. May your air be warm, and your buds blossom! Also, maybe a dear friend of mine might begin a “sweet” labor of love….! ¬†This week, a birth would be awesome! ¬†Go A– Go!

Enjoy today!  Jesus is Lord!  Praise Him!                                   Lubm.          Debbie


One thought on “Cold!

  1. Yay for a new spring baby! I keep hoping it will warm up soon, until then I will keep enjoying my heated blanket, hot cups of coffee, tea and cocoa!

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