Books: a great read!

Every chapter of  our lives is different.  I hardly ever read ahead when reading a book.  Some times chapters can be kind of painful.  Definitely busy…go figure!  In this book of our lives, I am so glad to know its final ending.  My heart today is grieving some losses, yet it is still so full of PRAISE.  I do know the end of the story of our lives.   It is an AWESOME ending….or actually a real beginning.  This story is a great read!  I am so thankful to my dear Lord, for his constant love and care.  I am also so thankful that I am on His winning team!  Jesus is Lord, He is my personal Savior,  He is my head, and He is my King.  Praise Him.  He is victor!  He is my life.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Here is a layout that I made of Jim and James.  I love the story, and may redo the layout as there is no trapped white space, but there is really no white space at all!   It’s too busy for me.

I love my Jim’s….  We are all book lovers, but as the story goes, I do occasionally get a bit jealous of books! 🙂

I am so sorry it is a fuzzy photo!  Jim is in California and I couldn’t download my pictures due to a computer glitch.  I emailed this and it isn’t clear.  I hope you get a little view of my story.  When you visit you can see it clearly. Love you all bunches!  Much grace be with each of you today!      Mom….Debbie…..



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