Rearranging for function

This past weekend, my husband said I could go on vacation on Saturday as he was gone to a conference.  I had such fun on my “vacation”!   I rearranged my scrap room!

My sewing machine was available but still not out and ready so I rarely used it in my scrapbooking.  My cuttlebug also was available but not out and ready.  Rarely did I use it! (I love to make my titles using my cuttlebug dies).  I decided to rearrange for function.  I need everything handy and ready to go so I will use it regularly.

I will show you some before and after photos of my “trip”. 😉  These first four will show you my before photos.  On the East wall of my scraproom was a trundle hide-a-bed used for rare visitors to bunk out. (The painting on the wall is one my grandmother painted!  She did awesome oil paintings.)

This gives a view of the room as you enter.  The window faces south.  My project life table is in front of that window.

The next is my desk.  I have “filled” it recently with a bin holding many of my scrapbook circle kit club embellishments as well as a bowl of my washi tapes.  I just recently quit the kit club.  I want to use up all of my stash this next year!  I am making my own kits.  Then I can rejoin a kit club and just use current products and not hoard so much.  I am a bit excited about this decision. 🙂  I do love clean and simple, but more than that I love creative functional organizing SO….everything I need to form a page is within reach. Thus…a bit of a “mess”,  but…..funtionally so. 🙂

The final before photo is of my bookshelf storing a lot of my things.  I gave away 9 jars of flowers as I have almost never used them. I kept 4 jars of prema flowers that I do use.  My buttons sorted by color I use all the time so I kept them. This is where my cuttlebug and my dies were stored.


Now the work begins… I moved the bed to the south wall.  After measuring I knew it would fit.  I still had enough access to the storage cupboard where my paper and a few other supplies are stored.  I moved the project life cupboard to the east wall where the bed was.  I removed the project life supplies from the drawers and the top of the cupboard.  I put my sewing machine out on the cupboard.  I also put my cuttlebug out.  The left drawer holds cuttlebug supplies and a few dies, the right drawer holds sewing supplies.  All “plugged in” and ready to go. 🙂

The green bin on top of the old typewriter table holds the rest of my cuttlebug dies.  Just unzip it and there is easy access to everything I need.  So functionally organized!  The balance of the bed by the window is a bit skewed to this discerning eye, but the room feels much more spacious.  I think I am going to love the way the room will work.  Time will tell.

Next I spent a lot of time working on the desk and the bookshelves.  Sorting and rearranging.  Often when working on my project life, I would do a lot of it on my desk anyway.  I now have everything I need in one place.  I even worked out space in my “file cabinet” drawers to hold my stamps.  Everything I need is within reach and easily accessed.   Here are the last photos of “AFTER” the rearranging.

The aqua blue album..(there are two) are this years project life albums.  The first is almost full.  In June I will begin the second.  The white bin holds this weeks PL items.  When I work on it, I grab the album and items and begin the layout on my desk.  All the cards and embellishments, my stamps and inks are ready to go on my desk.

Finally, I want to show you a layout I made to complete my vacation day!   In addition to this project, I regularly checked in with Shimelles blog to be involved with her scrap weekend.  I didn’t do any of the challenges, but loved all her content and hope to participate this week with some of the challenges. I also loved her glitter girl post on making kits with older paper.  I didn’t use any new items, but did sort my paper earlier this week.

Last Monday, some friends were in town and I loved being with these children.  They were so full of energy! While looking trough my paper, I found this lacy edged paper with the frog.  I knew it would tell the story of playing in the water and had to make  this page.  Here is the layout that I did after this “vacation trip”.  A wonderful way to end the day.

I hope you all have a vacation of your own.  Something you love to do.  Something that will refresh your heart.  Much grace to each of you today.  Be refreshed to love the Lord even more.  LUBM.        Debbie!



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