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A Wonderful Conference!

We had a wonderful time in Bellevue at the Memorial Weekend Conference.  We stayed at the Hyatt with many friends.  The Lords current speaking concerning the oneness of the Body and our participation in His goal is awesome!  I  got to briefly see Jenn and James there as well.  My sisters and I also went to visit my Daddy in Tacoma.  Here are a few pictures from our visit.  I am looking forward to re-read the outlines and to get into the Lords word to see and enjoy more concerning the Lord’s desire.  WE ARE SO BLESSED to have the Lord’s presence and his word!  PRAISE HIM!


My sweet sisters

Much grace to each of you as you continue to grow in grace!!!   Jesus is our Lord.    LUBM        Debbie




It has been almost a month since I have posted!  We have been very busy.  We enjoyed a wonderful conference and hosted wonderful guests.  I also recently injured my knee with a small cartilage tear.  I have a new diagnosis…arthritis with fluid on my knee.  I am in the midst of aggressive physical therapy with a wonderful therapist.  He has asked me to limit my stress level.  He also has given me an aggressive program to heal and recover.  I think I probably should have spelled out what stress means to me! 🙂   I am daily (6 days a week), going to our local gymn to swim in their wave pool.  I am also assigned to daily ride a recumbant bike.  This is added to other excersizes I have to do at home twice a day.  I feel like I have a full time job!  (He told me it actually is part time. )   I am however recovering.  I see another physician on friday and will get another plan added.  SO…my goal for right now is just to REST and RECOVER while DOING all of the above.

I am very thankful for the help I am getting.  I am looking forward to recovering.  I will let you know in another month how I am doing.

Keep enjoying, praising and calling on our dear LORD!   Much grace to you all.  LUBM    Debbie