It has been almost a month since I have posted!  We have been very busy.  We enjoyed a wonderful conference and hosted wonderful guests.  I also recently injured my knee with a small cartilage tear.  I have a new diagnosis…arthritis with fluid on my knee.  I am in the midst of aggressive physical therapy with a wonderful therapist.  He has asked me to limit my stress level.  He also has given me an aggressive program to heal and recover.  I think I probably should have spelled out what stress means to me! 🙂   I am daily (6 days a week), going to our local gymn to swim in their wave pool.  I am also assigned to daily ride a recumbant bike.  This is added to other excersizes I have to do at home twice a day.  I feel like I have a full time job!  (He told me it actually is part time. )   I am however recovering.  I see another physician on friday and will get another plan added.  SO…my goal for right now is just to REST and RECOVER while DOING all of the above.

I am very thankful for the help I am getting.  I am looking forward to recovering.  I will let you know in another month how I am doing.

Keep enjoying, praising and calling on our dear LORD!   Much grace to you all.  LUBM    Debbie


2 thoughts on “REST and RECOVER

  1. Sorry to hear about your knee! Hope your PT goes well and gets you back on your feet. Nice to see you today!

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