I guess I will say WELCOME BACK DEBBIE!  It has been 6 months since I have written a blog post!  I am doing well. I am stronger swimming 6 hours a week. I am just now beginning gentle yoga and LOVE IT!  Pain control and pleasant relaxing…who wouldn’t love it!  I have continued reading many of my favorite blogs.  I hope this summer to get some help from my daughter, who is soon to be a computer scientist. I am still so unable to do simple computer skills.  I do feel to continue to try, and will begin today to share with you my favorite hobby.

I love to scrap book! Project life has been a system I have used for 3 years. I am again continuing this AWESOME way of memory keeping.  I appreciate Becky Higgins, the creator of this system, and would encourage any one of you to visit her blog and to purchase her products. They are beautiful and so efficient to use.

This year, 2013, I am purchasing my PL (project life) kits through studio calico. I have so much scrapbooking stash but do love to get some new “toys” pretty often. This monthly kit makes me smile. SC (studio calico) has joined with Becky Higgins and are now able to produce  this PL kit!

I am going to show you first how I once again rearranged my craft room to facilitate PL in my life. I purchased a 4 foot folding table at Costco. It is set up to be counter height. I can stand and work on my layouts, and also can sit at my desk to do my stamping etc.  It has been a great L shaped arrangement. When I have guests, its simple to put my PL away in my craft room closet.  I love that I have that extra table space to work. I also like that my PL is open and ready. I am finding I can just go in and do a few minutes any time I want. Its so great to have it always out and ready.

craftrm 001 craftrm 002 craftrm 003


WELL I got the pictures on here! The Last Photo is a shot of the table and its arrangement. (I wanted that one first with a space between the photos! Oh well!)  My craft area is so functional as I can reach everything that I use as I work. With the extra work space it is now PERFECT. 🙂  The first two photos show you how I have arranged my PL products. The red tote holds my scrap paper that I have cut into 4×6, 3×4 sizes to use as needed. the other cards are left overs from the last 3 years kits. At the very front I keep my SC kit. The clear container holds some of my embellishments that I use for PL. The empty (darling) kleenex container is my “trash bin” near where I work!

My craft room arrangement is on an earlier post.

These next photos are of my title page for 2013. I do PL by month. I do not do it daily. I just make layouts as life goes on. This year January will have a lot of layouts as I share my goals and plans for the year. Any time my kids are here, I always have many photos to share. There is no order (other than chronological by month). My sister looked at my albums and said, “Debbie, this is like a diary or journal”.  Yes it is.  Also, full of lovely photos. 🙂 I still post many Mary Engelbriet pictures from my calandars. They always add to my story.

blogkids 008 blogkids 009 blogkids 010 blogkids 011 blogkids 012 blogkids 013 blogkids 014 blogkids 015 blogkids 016 blogkids 017 blogkids 018blogkids 020


Thats it folks!  My Project Life for January. There may be another page later, but the next event for me will be early February.  A baby shower for our first grand baby! That will be so much fun and I am not sure how many pages that will take! 🙂

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy our dear Lord Jesus. HE IS EVERY THING!    Debbie    LUBM


4 thoughts on “PROJECT LIFE

  1. This looks like a really fun kit! I all your pages, mom. Good idea to add text messages. Someday I will have to show you how to make your photos look bigger on the blog. That might help! Otherwise, your blogging is just fine. 🙂

  2. Of course I’ll help you with your computer issues. Even though you’re not THAT technologically incompetent. Are you going to take your craft table away when I come to stay? You don’t have to. I fully intend to take over Dad’s desk.

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